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Full Version: Sleep Reg & Wyrm Shaman
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What effect, if any, would the Sleep Regulator confer upon a Wyrm Shaman?

Wyrm shaman require 70 hours of sleep per week, average of 10 hours a night.

The sleep regulator cuts required sleep time for average individuals to 3-4 hours per night.
Herald of Verjigorm
It means they can plan out their sleep in a much more organized fashion. Or, they can just devote a day or two a week for sleep (48 hours straight meets most of the 70 hour requirement).
Kanada Ten
Brings up that new adept power, too.
Ol' Scratch
A wyrm shaman's requirement isn't a physical requirement, it's a faith/magical requirement. They want to sleep that long.
Indeed. If one stayed awake longer, I'd let them operate fine in terms of exhaustion but remind the player that they're getting steadily bitchier and less able to focus because they just want some sleep, dammit.

Assuming they weren't doing it themselves, that is.

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