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Full Version: Mana Weapons
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For the mage who can't afford a weapon forus but still wants to take on Spirits in melee, I propose these spells.

Mana Blade
Combat Spell
Duration S
Target 4
Range Touch
Drain DL+Reach

Mana Blade (Stun)
Combat Spell
Duration S
Type M
Target 4
Range Touch
Drain DL+Reach-1

Mana Blade produces a temperory weapon made from pure mana. The type of weapon is determined by the spell formula. If the caster wants a different weapon type he must learn a different version of the spell. This weapon, fully visable on the physical plane, appears to be coiled around or growing from the subject's weapon arm and glows brightly with a hue that reflects the subject's aura. Because of this, the spell is impossible to mask and it adds two automatic successes to any assensing test.
In combat, the subject uses the approperate general skill (may default to specialization) for the weapon type. If the subject does not have an approperiate skill, the spell is useless. It is completly divorced from the subject's attributes and thus cannot default to an attribute.
Furthermore, the subject's net successes in any combat test are limited to the net successes of the caster in the spellcasting test.
All versions of this spell have a damage code of (Force)DL
Reach, damage level, and power are determined at the time of casting.
It is not reduced by physical armor and ignores immunity to normal weapons.
Reach is limited to Force/3 rounded down.
It is resisted by willpower like any other combat spell.

A mana blade cannot harm the subject once it has been successfully cast. If the subject accidently impales his own head due to a rule-of-ones combat roll, the damage is automaticly resisted. If the spell casting is botched, however, that's different story.

Note: blade is just a name, the actualy weapon can be of any shape.

Elemental Blade
Elemental Manipulation
Duration S
Target 4
Range Touch
Drain (+1)DL+Reach+1

Elemental Blade (Stun)
Elemental Manipulation
Duration S
Target 4
Range Touch
Drain (+1)DL+Reach
This spell is mana blade using Elemental Manipulation rules.
The subject's successes are not limited to the caster's successes. Damage is staged normally and resisted by body. Power is reduced by 1/2 impact armor. Secondary effects are limited by the base damage level of the spell.
Weapon type and element are determined by the spell formula.

Blade itself cannot directly harm the subject. However, secondary elemental effects can.

I don't think this spell is too unbalancing. Unlike some other sustained spells, it is not in any way subtle. Some people might ignore the glow of an armor spell, but practically any bystander would call Lone Star when they see a guy with a big glowing sword attached to his arm. Also, it can't be staged up if it was cast badly. The elemental version can, but it isn't that different from setting your Ares Monosword on fire and it has drain. It probably would be cast at the scene, considering how difficult it is to catch a bus when a pillar of flame is protruding from your hand.
I came up with an idea like the first two spells once. I'm not a fan of damage being resisted by Willpower, though.
What is Death Touch resisted by? Is it physical or mana?
QUOTE (Bigity)
What is Death Touch resisted by? Is it physical or mana?

Death touch is mana resisted by willpower.
Phaeton (no longer posts here) and I once created the characters from Megaman X (X and Zero) as a sammie and a PotM adept for a one-shot run. I had Zero's energy blades as elemental manipulations in a sustaining focus (the grip of his sword).

Manipulation Spell:
Physical +1
Touch Range -1 DL
Sustained +1
Extended touch range (custom change) +1
Elemental effects +1 DL

Give you +3(DL) as the drain. Hard to resist, so cast it at moderate. Deals (Str+Successes up to Force) (DL) damage. 1/2 impact armor.

Light-elemental for the standard laser sword. Zero also used Fire, Ice, and Lightning blades.

So, generally the same concept, but mine has a slightly higher drain.
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