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Full Version: What to do with Troll Truckers?
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After 11 hours of concentrated gaming, cola and candy consumation my group got this odd, though extremely hilarious, idea to create a group of uncouth, bragging, not too bright, troll truckers, who are driving around in Northkap Bergens each.
Each of them are going to have a quirk such as opera singing? ballet dancing?? or worse of all river dancing!?!

Help me out here!!! What am I suppose to do with these .... FREAKS OF INSANITY, TWISTS OF NATURE??? To be honest I was dumbstruck when I hear it ... then the planning of the characters started and the rest of the night was ruined ...

I am asking for ideas to throw at them.

Thanks in advance
Perhaps they'll be underbid on their trucking jobs by the uncouth, bragging, and extremely intelligent Dwarven Truckers?
Create REALLY BORING driving jobs.

"Well, you're on the road to deliver 6 tons of toilet paper...

Hey look. there's a tree.


Trucking IRL is boring. shouldn't have changed much in the 6th world.

sure, there's a risk of hijacking. but it's statistically slim.
Ol' Scratch
Considering the international nature of the Sixth World's North America, I think there's quite a bit of potential for interesting scenarios here. Especially if they're rather underhanded truckers. International gunrunning and smuggling is always fun.
Maybe they and the union - you are a member of the union, aren't you? - are in a bitter dispute with the firms that run the automated/drone controlled truck-trains that several of the books mention as carrying a lot of the road freight in Shadowrun's timeframe? The Evil Corp™ is trying to edge the the competition out and aren't all that fussy about how it happens.
Oh c'mon this has phenomenal potential for cinematic game play. Make sure you spend several hours in front of the TV watching Road House, Over the Top, and BJ and the Bear before you start planning out the adventures. You could get away with a series of brilliant stereotypes from '80's movies.
THere's already a game based on the concept: BIG mother truckers!
For the nomadic lifestyle, I recommend background reading in Mutant Bikers of the Atomic Wastes. Sure, SR's not post-apocalyptic, but life in search of loads, fuel, ammo, etc. might be just what you're looking for.

Oh, and you'll need Cash. Lots of Johnny Cash. That's travellin' music. Under no circumstances are you to listen to "Convoy."
Kremlin KOA
want a good movie about a trucker... Big Trouble in Little China
Hehe... There is SO going to be some Convoy... "Hey Billy Bob this kind a looks like a Convoy" Honnnggg........

Well our plan was to make the dumbest gang of troll truckers... (and to mention... just for fun...)
A bunch of trolls with the largest collection of the largest weapons... And the smallest brains ever seen...

But we will see how it goes wobble.gif

Who is going to hire this group of trogs? WHY?

Maybe they think your truckers are actually just cheap Russian drones. Damn buggy Communist systems!
Try Black Dog for a Shadowrun trucker movie.
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