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Full Version: Drone rigging
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It's been six years since I got the BBB, but only now do I get to GM a player who has as rigger. I'm feeling a little rusty (though I finally get to use my shiny R3R! Yay!), so I need a little help. I might be posting some times here, but let's start with one question: Do drones use the same skills that other vehicles? (i.e, Car activel skill for ground drones) dead.gif

Thanks. embarrassed.gif
When jumped in, you use the approximate vehicle skill. Car for wheeled drones, tracks for tracked drones, LTA for LTA drones, Vectored Thrust for Vectored Thrust Drones, Semiballistic for Semiballistic drones.

When drone is piloting itself or when you're using Captain's Chair, it's the drone's Pilot Rating.

Our game rules tracked and wheeled as the same skill. But yes, you use the same skill for driving physically and remotely. You can however, take a specialization for either.

Just don't let them see that the kodiak drone has an armor of 12+, or be ready to see the rigger send it in front of the panther cannon and not get touched.
Ol' Scratch
Or more correctly you use the Vehicle Skill (Remote Operations) specialization as appropriate. If you don't have that specialization, you use the base skill rating instead (but you knew that part already).

By default, tracked and wheeled vehicles such as Crawlers both fall under Cars unless a specific chassis uses another skill. If memory serves, there is a Tracked Vehicle Skill introduced in Target: Wastelands or SOTA:2063 for use with snowmobiles, but I don't have the book handy to double check. I'd personally just continue to use Cars with it.
IIRC Tracked Vehicles as a Skill was introduced in R3 along with Suborbitals and Semiballistics. To make it more accurate one could rename the Car skill to Wheeled Vehicles, but it's just as easy to class both types under the Car Skill and surreptitiously ignore Tracked Vehicles except for MBTs and the like which are different enough in control method to warrant using a different skill.

Hmmmm snowmobile drone.....
Thanks guys! You're a class act. smile.gif
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