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Full Version: Darts?
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Dr. Black
Ok, I wanted to use darts (Throwing skill - narcojet, atropine etc) with a character concept. But I cant find the little buggers in the books. Anybody know where they are and/or have some stats for them.

Dart guns can be found in M&M.
I don't have my books here right now, but I believe hand-thrown darts are listed on the improvised weapon tables in CC, those could work for regular darts dipped in some toxin. But i do not believe that seringe-type darts filled with chemicals has ever been statted (except for the dart-guns that is).
Crusher Bob
Are you thinking of 'table darts', 'war darts' (sorta heavy arrow things), darts as thrown from an atlatl... ?
Dr. Black
Think of the syringe style darts that Ryan Mercury was using. Small enough to have a bandoleer of them. Concealability 10+. Probably a throwable version of a narcojet dart.
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