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Full Version: I need help...
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Anyone know where I could get my hands on a digital copy of the complete Table of Contents for the core rule book?
Sounds like someones BBB molted its table.... sorry, its pretty much SOP to shush questions like that. All though I might be willing to Email a plaintext version in the next few days.
Though it isnít any different legally, I think less people would hush the table of contents than the rest of the text.

The only source for a complete ToC would be the source for complete books- which, of course, I can't tell you about even though it's blindingly obvious.
I gave you headway in a PM there, so check your PM.
KarmaInferno has the SR3 book with preview pages. Go Here.

Pages are all out of order, though.

Thanks a lot guys - you've all been very helpful.
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