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Full Version: Chicago and SR
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Okay, so this past Saturday my band had a show right outside of Chicago. Afterward, driving around the city, we passed Cermak avenue. Having run bug city and read burning bright, I immediately recognized the name. It was really nifty to realize that I was traveling through a spot that would eventually become fictionally infested by giant bug spirits. It also cemented what the place REALLY looked like for me. Iíll have to find a reason for the pcís to head back.
Did you plant a small tacnuke?

I guess ground zero of the Cermak blast was right across the street from FASA's old HQ when they wrote Bug City.
that's what i've heard too. i wish i knew more about the area. we really weren't there long enough to look for it.

rockin' sig by the way moon.

kage - nah, all we left was the smell of five guys in a van for hours upon hours at a time
yes - the power plant is across the street from FASA's old HQ...
Yes the bomb dropped right across the street I live not more than 10 minutes from said location. Which is why i was pissed when i got back from vacation and i saw the post about clearing out the place from all the old stuff.....boxes of sweet sweet SR stuff and I missed out because I picked the wrong damn week to be on vacation out of state. Thats Karma for ya. Bug City is like my most favorite SR book just because I know all the locations they are talking about.

The New Big D
I think Bug City is my favorite book because it's just that damn creepy.

Not even Master Shedim make me shiver as much as Bug City does.
The factory across the street from ex-FASA HQ looks like this.
Crimson Jack
QUOTE (Adam)
The factory across the street from ex-FASA HQ looks like this.

I always pictured it looking like the industrial zone at the end of Robocop for some reason. Interesting to see what it looks like in reality. smile.gif
sweet! thanks adam!
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