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Full Version: [SoA2064] Behind the Astral Badge
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What percentages of LS DPI cops are actually initiated? I think only the mages for the FRT and SWAT are initiated, with a small handful of the regular DPIs being initiates and those are focused more on astral surveillance.

You think?
Ol' Scratch
I'd imagine a large portion of them are initiated, or being groomed for initiation. At only 9 Karma (since the 3 Karma to join the group they use is almost certainly paid for by the group itself), it's not *that* much of an investment to initiate at least once.
Personally, I would think most of them would be Initiates.
Nevermind, the Magician Officer (being the average sec/LE personnel runners are likely to encounter) isn't an initiate. Forget that I even asked that question.
Kanada Ten
I happen to agree with Fortune. But then, I think the majority of magicians out of university have initiated at least once, most often twice. Lone Star cops probably don't get very high in grades, but I bet money that promotions in the DPI factor grade into promotions. And I think everyone has a computers skill. Best forget I said anything.
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