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Full Version: Bug Spirits
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Does anyone have a quick and dirty set of stats for a small hive of bug spirits, ot a link to where I may find some as NPC's? I am looking for a group that would be a challenege to a magician heavy group, 2 mages, one rigger, and one sammy.
Herald of Verjigorm
Get MitS or the old books that have rules for bugs.

Once you have the list, I suggest the following:
1 shaman who has not yet called a queen
2 force 4 or 5 true forms
4 flesh forms of varying qualities, host types and forces, just so long as at least 3 of them are weaker than the true forms

If using a non-hive insect type, trade the strongest spirit for a mother type.
Here's somebody's random hive generator website: Bugs
Not perfect, but looks pretty good to me, and saves a lot of hassle pumping out stats.

[edit] here's where you set the parameters for the hive...Bugs II
Mr. Woodchuck
the generator rocks, it saved me a couple hours of work for the campaign. it generated all the non-named hive minions so i only have to do 3-4 actual important members. thanks.
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