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Full Version: Finding mods for climbing...
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I was trying, on the top of my mind, to come up with things that would help a climbing character. Someone who could scale the side of a building and sneak in.

So, looking for things that ad dice to athletics or lowers TN. An adept is the first thing that comes to mind, with the IA: Athletics. Then there's the climbing claws cyberware, and a BOD and skill of 6...

Care to give me some advice here? I'm going to have a look through my books when I get home, but I thought I'd ask the creative talent here wink.gif
shadowrun companion has the specifics for athletics.

body 6, athletics(climbing) 5(7).
climbing speed is (str+qui)/8 (round down). so if you want to be fast thats 3 high stats you need. If you do rule of 1 and fall, a quickness (6) test would let you grab the rope again.

Enhanced articulation would give you another die. climbing claws may be usefull (-2), but proper climbing gear can give you a -10 to the TN at the cost of speed.
for climbing surfaces of ferrous metal, the magnetic system (.3 essence) can help with a +4 to strength for hanging on.

A balance augmentor give a -2 to balance/climbing, -3 combined with balance tail

so you could roll 8d6 to climb with a -5 to TN from cyberware. (1.2 essence, .96 alpha)

the aptitude edge (4pt) can give a -1 to TN.

so an adept (magic 5 from the cyber) can add 5 dice from improved ability (athletics) for a total of 12d6 at -6 (balance tail could be replaces with a positve surge trait for same effect at lower essence loss)

a flat surface (tn 8 ) would pose no obstacle as the adept moved up rapidly up brick walls. Yet a sheer surface (TN 14) would still pose a challenge at TN 8 (12 dice could fall, but its not likely)
Hmm, climbing mods... balance augmentor, balance tail, climbing claws, synthacardium, erythropoitin, enhanced articulation, reflex recorder, 6 levels of Improved Athletics...I'm pretty sure that would allow you to climb up sheet of ice rather comfortably and I'll bet I forgot a couple.

Edit - Damn, too slow.
I am pretty sure there are more climbing adept powers in sota2064 as well.
Some of the more relevant powers courtesy of SotA 2064. Deep Rooting might be an option since it's the advanced version of Rooting although I don't know the rules to that one so I'm not sure how useful it would be. Enhanced Balance seems to be the adept version of the balance tail cyberware. Wall Running allows you to move up a sheer or vertical wall a distance equal to your Magic attribute in meters, try moving any further and you have to stop before using the power again though.
Kanada Ten
Gecko Gloves can help as well, also from SotA64.
Being a magician, sorcery adept or physical magician might be an option. Gecko crawl and levitation can be very useful spells. If you can, you could try and talk the GM into allowing you be an adept and to take Gecko Crawl as a Knack- something Steve Kenson thought up but that didn't make it into Magic in the Shadows. Allow you to go the
gecko gloves are the way you want to go. -10 to unassisted climbing TNs = a good thing.
Oxygenated Fluorocarbons(pg 113 M&M) or Oxyrush Nanites can give you another +2 dice, albeit on a rather temporary basis.
I'm not sure about Deep Rooting. It's an interesting idea. Maybe it would let the adept rest more easily on a long climb? Activate the power and then not have to try so hard to hold on? I know professional climbers can still "rest" while climbing, but I think Rooting yourself to the wall mystically would give your fingers and toes more of a break.
The gloves are rendered useless with any precipitation, so, unless your climbing indoors they aren't worth a spend round casing in Seattle.
The gloves sounded great until the information about anything wet. Well... maybe one can make sure the surface is dry before hands are placed there? Nothing short of an industrial size hairdrier comes to mind...

The spell gecko crawl or levitation would be hard to bring through a ward - I reckonned that for the stealthy approach, good old climbing would have to do the trick. Besides, it's more stylish.

Too bad I don't have Sota64 (yet), but a positive surged tail would fit in nicely, plus everything mentioned that boosts athletics.
All an adept needs is adhesion. With it, he can just walk up any wall.
or, y'know, Wallrunning.
QUOTE (Nikoli)
The gloves are rendered useless with any precipitation, so, unless your climbing indoors they aren't worth a spend round casing in Seattle.

Umm, another example of SR items being produced from the creator's nether regions.
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