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I started running SR again and our current timeline is December, 2058. I know the events of Mobwar happened during this year, but since I don't have the book, I have no clue to what was going on. The problem is one of my players' character has contacts with both the Mafia and the Yakuza, and he wanted to know what happened.

So, can anyone describe me the story behind Mobwar. THrow in all the spoilers you like.

Thanks and tchau!
I'll try to be as short as possible and sorry for my English, I'm just a French Runner ya know)
On January 1 2058, Don O'Malley, head of the Finnegan Family and Don of the Seattle Mafia litterally bit the bullet when he got shot by a sniper as he was leaving his home with his bodyguards.
This event caused quite a stir in the underworld, with a lot of people vying for control of the Seattle mob. All three of the seattle families tried to win the blessing of the Commissione : essentially Rowena O'Malley, daughter of the murdered don for the Finnegan Family who announced her intention of running for the title of Capa of Seattle on January 5 and Maurice "the Butcher" Bigio for the Bigio family.
In the meantime, it quickly became chaos in the street while the Yakuza tried take the opportunity to secure their hold and encroach on Mafia territory in order to bring Hanzo Shotozumi's dream of an America-based rengo in defiance of the oyabun in Chiba. The Triads and the Seoulpa Rings used the situation to retaliate against the Yaks...and all the while every little mob outfit and gang settled its old grudges in the midst of the general mayhem. Even corps like Knight Errant use the ensuing chaos to score against their rivals, like Lone Star while the Governor called on the army to bring back order in the streets.

Eventually, the Commissione chose the more experienced Bigio over the younger Rowena O'Malley (who has the obvious handicap of being a women in a world of traditionalist men).

[ Spoiler ]
Kanada Ten
And now Rowena is out for blood in the new hit simcomedy Babes in Boyland. Experience her hitwomen squads of death as they blow up the Bigio monster mutant army. Seattle will never be the same. Be sure to check out the GameStation Babes in Boyland and enjoy all the mutilation in this 59.99 action packed game.
Edison Carter
Good Evening folks, this is Edison Carter with IIN-Seattle. This evening Laura Brannigan, star of the hit simcomedy Babes in Boyland, was found dead in her Regency Park condo an apparent suicide. At this time, Lone Star will neither confirm nor deny the presence of others when her Panic Button was set-off. Megamedia President and CEO, William Welsh, offered condolences to her family and friends when he was notified this past hour. More on this story as it develops later on IIN-Seattle...
Kanada Ten
> And suddenly a drek strain of a moive is actully drawing crowds. Megamedia's been taking a number from MCT by the looks of it. It's not like Brannigan had a future anyway. They had to use an emo-double on the most of the tracks as I understand it. Just another pretty ass down the drain.
> NuJack SETI
It's also important to note, Hanzo Shotozumi & his two top lieutenants went to O'Malley's funeral as a show of respect for his former adversary. This is especially useful for pc's who have ties to both, or as a way to introduce a yakuza leaning pc to a mafia based story-line.
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