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In what book was the "Cal-Hot" BTL`s descriped and what about the normal ones?
I need little more in-depth info that is in the core book.

In Man and Machine perhaps?
Atleast 19 have people have read this post.
Ol' Scratch
Chances are it was first described in the CalFree sourcebook, but I don't know for certain. BTLs in general, and the rules for their creation and modifications, can be found in the Cannon Companion's skillsoft chapter.
The only thing I can think of is 2XS which is from a novel, IIRC. What is this "Cal-Hot" you speak of?
SOTA: 63?

California Free State?

Shadows of North America?

BTLs have been described since waaaaaay back in Dreamchipper.

For current info, check the book that talks about drugs, Man and Machine IIRC.
Ol' Scratch
Cal-Hots are just a shade under BTLs, but above the normal legal simsense levels in most areas. California, however, allows those levels legally, hence the name.
IIRC, it's kinda halfway between a normal simchip and a normal BTL (sorta like the Kong chips). I'll see if I can't find some reference in a book.
Those wacky californians silly.gif
the first i remember reading of them was in the Underworld SB.
Thanks for the answers.
I think Calhots might have been in Shadowbeat, but I don't have my copy handy to doublecheck.
As I recall, the benefit is a -2 TN to resist addiction, but my memory may be poor.
Crimsondude 2.0
It's in Shadowbeat, for sure. Page 80.
Those wacky californians

Y'damn right!
Of course, I laughed myself stupid when I read about Captain Monday having an air battle for supremacy of my airport. An air battle over my *house*, no less.
In canon companion under applied simsense there is a BTL programming option “partial peak controls” marketed as “California hots” on the streets. Page 68.

I'm quite certain that there also a mention of them in Dreamchipper.
I would be surprised if they weren’t in most of the books already listed. Although I cant find mention of them in man and machine.

And you probably won't. Try Cannon Companion. smile.gif
Ol' Scratch
As mentioned previously, they are detailed (rules-wise) in the Cannon Companion's skillsoft chapter. Check out page 68, "Partial Peak Controls," to find the difference between Cal-Hots and standard BTLs. In essence, they work at half their listed rating, and are thus less addictive.
They're in Shadowbeat, just like Crimsondude said.

Basically, they're simsense, but in CalFree, the legal limits on signal peaks are higher than in most places. This means that in Seattle, they're illegal, but since they're not straight-up BTL, they're not THAT illegal. My take on it is that it's kind of like Canadian drugs. They might crack down on you if you're carrying loads across the border, and if you take off the label that's the equivalent of a Surgeon General's warning, you might be in for trouble, but for the average consumer, you're not likely to have a very heavy book thrown at you. Shadowbeat might even mention something like you only get punished for transport, or something. The issue is probably that CalFree depends a lot on the entertainment industry for revenue, and so cracking down on hots exports would torque them off, and Seattle needs all the friends it can get right now. I have no idea what the legality status would be after about 2053, though.
And what skills, both active and knowledge, one would need to be competent in all areas of BTL?
The making/editing, distribution etc...
And also what gear would be most essential?
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