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Cynic project
Well, I am doing a bit looking into the larger picture of shadowrun,and it's world..

So, what are the 15 largests corporations on the gobal markets.

I know that SK is on top, but who else is on the list and where they would be is still up for debate.

What are the 5 most powerful nations?

Who are the 10 more powerful people?(Dragons, aren't people.)

Who are the 5 most powerful people who aren't part of corporations?

How many dragons are there in the world?

How many are of them are greats?

When is the most likely time to see a rise in the number of dragons?(remember if it takes 50 years to hatch dragon eggs, there seems to be a 3-4 year time frame for them to have hatched..)

And for something silly, what is the worst thing a shadowrunner can do to a corparation,dragon, or gang?
Corp Download, DotSW, and either SoNA or SoE has all of what you need.
Kanada Ten
What is the worst thing a shadowrunner can do to a corparation, dragon, or gang?

Destroy its reputation.
Cynic project
I do not have Corp Download. But the other books do not work for those problems. One the nation book do not have big lists of who is more powerful than who,and Europe and America aren't the only places that have nations.( I think Aztlan,and Japan are high the food chain.) Two, from what I gather from the dragon book, about half the dragons are greats. But mainly the books are written from the point of view of shadowrunners and in most cases can't say must more than, holly shit those guys have a lot of power...But so do these guys.

After all who has more power, the Lord protector, the pope, or the president of the CAS?
There are no canon answers as of yet to most of your questions.

Not every Dragon is known ... hell, every Great Dragon may not be known at this time. There are definitely many more Dragons than Great Dragons though ... it's just the Greats steal the headlines.

Personal power can be measured in many ways. Saito is quite powerful in some ways, but is limited in others. The same could be said for the Japanese Emperor, the Pope, Damian Knight, or any other individual.
Cynic project
True, and true.But I wasn't looking for strickly canon anwsers, but what people thought based on the books they read.

As for Nations, I would have to say that I would put CAS,Japan,UCAS, and Aztlan on the lists, but I am not so sure in what order.And I do not know much about the midle east, the western part of Asia.....
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