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Full Version: Shape change spell
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Shape change spell

What physical stats do you use?

Say I am an orc. For some perverse reason (possibly involving a large quantity of C12) I wish to infiltrate a humanis humanism meating (example only) I have access to the shape change spell and turn myself into a human.

What options do I have when setting my physical stats?

Ol' Scratch
You're stuck with the animal's average stats no matter what your natural ones are. So if you turn into a human, you're 3 across the board.
What's the advantage in getting shapechange at a higher level than 1?
Ol' Scratch
It lets you change into more types of creatures (the difference between your target shape's average Body and your Body cannot exceed Force). It also makes it more difficult to dispel; the last thing you want to happen is someone dispelling your Shapechange as you're flying over Seattle as a pigeon.
Moonstone Spider
Dr. Funk, don't you keep your own mental atts and only change your physical ones?
Ol' Scratch
Yes. I figured Physical Attributes was assumed in my first post. Sorry.
heh, that would be funny if not.

Player: "I shape change into a cockroach."
GM: "OK, you're now an NPC. As a cockroach, you're too dumb to remember how to change back..."
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