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Full Version: Trideo and Holographics
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Large Mike

I just realized that, iirc, trideo means holograms, however limited. And if there are holograms there, why aren't we seeing them everywhere else? I could be screwing my players *extra* hard with holographic security guards, holographic walls, holographic johnsons, you name it.

Thoughts on the subject?
John Campbell
I find the phrase "holographic johnson" entirely too amusing.
Actually by the description Trid is not a hologram, nor is it actually 3d. Trid is a pseudo 3-d that "fakes" the 3rd dimention. It's been explicitly stated that free floating holograms are beyond the scope of SR's technology. Trid is not viewable from any angle, it's watched a lot like a TV.
Little Tim
The opening fiction in SR2 mentions a holo photo. I don't recall any details on just how 3D it was. It could just be another creation of those wacky writers.
Well in real life Sharp has a 3d emulating screen now. Not hard to do.
Large Mike

I stand corrected.
Check of the movie "Minority Report", there are some great scenes where Tom Cruise is watching some old home movies that are probably alot like SR trideo. As he moves around the central picture it gets all distorted and what-not.

It's got some cool SR themes and ideas in there.
even if trideo=hologram, you still have to have the projector. how many people are going to be fooled by a glowing security guard who happens to be standing right in the midst of a trideo projector?
Of cause trid phantasm can achieve all this and more.

I can just see it in desert wars. Wave after wave of illusionary troupes charging your lines until you stop firing at them. Then a single line of illusionary troupes (to full the mage) followed by the real men with the real guns. Just hope your not charging an illusionary position.

This is just a suggestion if you have or can get a copy of the Dragon Heart Trilogy, I do believe that there is some references to some type of holographic projection system, but then again the novels don't usually translate well into the actaul rules.
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