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Full Version: Question on allies
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So I sit down to create my first ally spirit and I can't seem to find a listing for initiative. Assuming that a force 3 ally is summoned with the following stats what would it's initiative (physical and astral) be? Any thoughts? What about reaction and dice pools? Are they created as per char gen rules?


Init - ?

Most spirits have a F+X+d6 init. Is an ally created using the formula for metahumans R+d6 or F+d6?

Ol' Scratch
Due to having mental attributes based upon their creator rather than their Force, they basically follow the same rules as standard characters. In otherwords:

Reaction (Qui+Int/2): 4
Astral Reaction (Int): 6
Initiative (+10 for Materialized spirits): +10+1D6
Astral Initiative: +20+1D6

If you score a Sustaining Focus and bond it, you can cast Increase Reflexes on your ally spirit, too, though it'll only last as long as he's materialized and in contact with the focus. This is particularly useful for homonculi.
If you quickened it on the ally, it would take it with into astral yes? Wouldn't be a problem when materialized since it's dual anyway.
Crusher Bob
IIRC materialized spirits usually get some bonus to initiative (+10?).
Ol' Scratch
Yes, but that only applies to ally spirits who materialize. I went ahead and edited into my post above since that's the type of ally spirits most people create anyway.
What would the ally spirit's Magic Attribute rating be?? is it the spirit's Force rating??
Ol' Scratch
It's generally assumed to be Force.
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