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Full Version: Wards and Authorized Entry
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Is there a way for wards to allow certain person's foci and quickened spells though?

The idea being what do authorized mages with sustaining foci and/or quickened spells or spirits do when they have to pass through Wards at the office? For instance: LS, government/military, corp sec mages and the like. Would the Ward have to be recast every time a new sec mage transfered in?

Is this in a book and I overlooked it?
Kanada Ten
Is there a way for wards to allow certain person's foci and quickened spells though?

Yes and this is mentioned in the books. Any one of the wards creators can allow something to pass unhindered, and they need not even be present to do so!

Would the Ward have to be recast every time a new sec mage transfered in?

I've always played that a new mage must be attuned to the ward by one of the original creators in a process that works similar to creating the ward, works for me.
Cool. Thanks, and sorry I'm lazy. smile.gif
Every time I hear about wards, I keep thinking of a game I played in.

There was one character who couldn't enter a church because of the demon blood in his veins. The rulebooks didn't specify the mechanics of why he couldn't, just that he couldn't.

When he brought it up for the first time, one of the other characters stared at him, grabbed him by his neck, and threw him at the open church doorway.

The GM took a while to recover from laughing.

We eventually figured he bounced off thin air. Since then when wandering around unknown areas, the character would usually carefully put his hand thorough suspicious doorways first just in case the other side was consecrated or something.

He did miss a few. Ever seen someone walk into a plate glass window?


Reminds me of a trick my players used to pull. Whenever they had an extration to pull in a hotel, they would have an invisible, levitated guy fly up to the correct floor and window. In order to pass through the ward, the mage would propel the guy forward, and just at the right time drop the inviz and levitate so the momentum would throw the guy pass the ward and window.

It was kind of a joke, it being mainly funny that we said if he dropped the spells to soon, the guy would not have enough momentum and would miss the window, hit the wall and fall to his death, while if the mage dropped the spells to late the guy would bounce off the ward, lose the spells and fall to his death.

It was pretty funny.
Ol' Scratch
I think I'm missing something there. Why are they throwing guys into a hotel as part of an extraction, and why is it assumed the hotel is flooded with wards?
You throw a teammate in to bypass lobby security, and once you have a man in things are easier. And the downtown hotal had wards, just cause. It was pretty early in our Shadowrunning carreers, wasn't exactly the most realistic scenario. Just that the idea of the runner bouncing off the ward and falling to his death was funny.
It does seem reasonable that the mage has to either be familiar with, or in the presence of a person to let them through thier ward, however.

You don't want some magician getting an email to let employee 98232322 into the warded laboratory and "magically" <append sarcastic sarcasm here> letting whoever that is through thier ward. They could usually project over there in a few seconds though.
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