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Full Version: Could TCP explain The Crash?
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Trusted Computing Platform basically hands control of all your documents, software, I/O devices and peripherals over to a "responsible" company. Somebody had the audacity to initially explain it as follows at it got be thinking about 2 years later.

Imagine a paedophile has taken some images of children and posted them to the internet.  Sure, identified sites can be closed down, but only after other perverts have downloaded and copied them.  With this new system each file has an unique originator code and can be traced, even after the file has been copied and renamed.  Once the paedophiles unqiue ID has been recovered from the file, this can be broadcast to every computer within the TCP environment to delete every file that has the ID code.  Even if the images are kept off-line, as soon as the computer is on-line the files will be deleted.  With TCP only accepting TCP compliant hardware, hackers can also have their equipment traced and then shut-down remotely.

Every file is tagged with a unique thousand+ bit identifier code. Your computers will not accept data without this identifier code, most of your computer components have an equivalent of their own cranial bomb (like mobile phones). Once into the system it would be very impractical to get out as your data cannot be removed from the TCP environment without major hassle if at all.

Now, if a virus took control of this environment many businesses would crash and burn. Home users and SOHOs would deffinately suffer as they are always shat on from a great height. Even the big boys would suffer, many going to the wall and afterwards who would trust the companies that set this up?

Global crash and massive data-loss as data on computers connected to the net disappears and off-line data cannot be restored as the back-up devices have been disabled. Not a total loss as drives can be re-built (many back-up tapes do fail when restored from a different drive), CDs & DVDs can be unerasable, and lastly there always personal knowledge and hard copy.

What do you think?
Given that I'm pretty sure Steve Jobs would die before this gets used by Apple, and the Crash didn't fail to affect one decent-sized segment of the computing population, I doubt it.

Then again, if someone offed Steve…

Also not to mention tape backups can have deleted data brought back from reformat hell just as hard drives can, all the corps would have to do is take the system down, analyze the hole, put more security up, and start again. Sounds like an average day working with Microsoft products. The crash wouldn't have really wiped out all the data anyway because like I said, they can pull it back out even after the thing has been burned in a fraggin' fire. It just depends on how bad you want the data and how much you are willing to spend to get it.
yea, its incredible how far back something can be restored from magnetic media. but these days backup is moveing to magnetoptical (a laser heats up a material so that it becomes magneticly active, then a magnet writes a pattern on it, much like a cd. this is then read like a cd later on).

i dont know but if you remove the pattern you dont have any data to go on at all.

allso, trusted computing is a strange term. as its not you as the owner and user of the computer that can trust it, but the copyright owner of the data you have on said computer. the instant removeal of data is just one of the scenarios...

the story of the crash is deliberatly vague, just like any other rpg is when it comes to computers. they dont cover incompatible platforms. they dont cover backups and the restoration of those. basicly its a tool to get the computer systems set to something that can be playable by a non-geek. its the same with the nightwraith strike, rather then have them sign a truce or similar (then there is a risk of them giving back territory), they slam it with a strike that blunts the edge of both sides so that they go into a cold war like state...
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