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Full Version: Adept Equivalent to Move-By-Wire?
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Quick question, Chummers:

Is there an Adept power equivalent to the cybernetic Move-By-Wire system, or its Bioware counterpart, Boosted Reflexes?

I seem to recall reading about it somewhere, but I can't remember whether it was canonical or something I saw posted on-line.

I think it was a high-level variant of the Adept Power "Augmented Reflexes", or something of the sort. Whatever it was, this version was so fast that the Adept could, at least theoretically, jump out of the way of a bullet (or any slower-moving projectile, such as an arrow or thrown knife, for that matter) provided that he/she had sufficient warning (i.e., seeing the weapon's muzzle flash (or the sun's reflection off of a telescopic sight's objective lens), or a movement or the glint of metal out of the corner of his/her eye).

Thanks, as always, for any input.

1) Boosted is Cybeware.
2) No equivalent to MBW.
3) You're probably thinking of Wired Reflexes, which cost Adept Points equal to the Essence cost for each level of Wired Reflexes. It gets the same bonuses.

Man... An Adept power that constantly puts your body into a state of seizure? No, thanks!
Ol' Scratch
Uhm, Boosted Reflexes and Move-By-Wire have *nothing* in common other than a Reaction/Initiative Boost (of which MBW grossly outperforms BR in exchange for nearly killing you on a regular basis).

But no, beyond Improved Reflexes adepts don't have anything that even comes close to matching MBW. SOTA:2064 introduced a new power, Multi-Tasking, that allows them to gain a second Free Action each phase, but that's a pale, pale, pale comparison to the free actions MBW grants.

There may be something cheesy out on the web, though. I wouldn't doubt it.
QUOTE (Doctor Funkenstein)
[...]There may be something cheesy out on the web, though. I wouldn't doubt it.

Isn't there always?
You emailed me about this once, Foreigner. I still have the powers you listed. You're probably remembering this one:

Quickening (not to be confused with the spell technique of the same name):
Level 4: 7 points (gives +8 Reaction, +4d6 Initiative)
Level 5: 10 points (gives +10 Reaction, +5d6 Initiative)

Only possible with great expenditure of energy by magically advanced Adepts, the acquisition of greater speeds in combat is rare on the street. However, the occasional decicated individual has been noted who not only REACTS more quickly, but virtually BLURS, seemingly almost able to dodge bullets at will. This is an modification of the "Increased Reflexes" spell.

The last level is actually faster than Move-by-Wire, but it leaves out the Quickness boost, skill boosts, and extra actions.

Personally, I'd rather have Combat Sense and a high combat pool.
Thanks, San. smile.gif

You're right. I remembered it myself--or at least what it was called, if not where I saw it--a few minutes ago.

Unfortunately, I think that the Website where I originally found it is now gone. frown.gif

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