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Full Version: Hoi, chummers!
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Yup... my recent extended silence (as comfortable as many of you may have become with it) has been due to an extended leave of absence from what normal people call reality. However, I'm REMF now and have much better access to email and internet in general.

I trust things have not changed much. This thread will be the deciding vote on that smile.gif

I'm glad to see AH, Kanada, Nath, and Adam still frequent the forums. I thought for sure your personal projects would have been keeping you from them.

AH: I have some good manuscripts for you to look at before I send them to Adam. As soon as I find a way of flash driving them to you I will find out if it's interesting.

Nath: What's the deal with CorpDownload2065? Is it going down official or TSS? Do you know? Who do I have to frag to find out?

Adam: More later on this channel smile.gif Yupper... it's me, old chummer grinbig.gif
Glad you're ok, better Kuwait than Iraq.
Nothing ever really changes.

Ancient History
'alo JtP. Velcome back.
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