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Full Version: Nuke Pills - genuine ad plus a challenge
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Swear to God. Turned up on my ad-supported version of Opera after I did a search for the National Radiological Protection Board (there have been some radon problems in the next county, the wife wanted a testing kit).

FDA Approved Radiation Pills! Foil Sealed! the caption read. But it was the website address that got me - wobble.gif

The wife, looking over my shoulder, said "That looks like an advert from a Shadowrun billboard". She's probably right, too - with the increase in toxic wastelands etc, these sort of things are likely big sellers in the Shadowrun universe.

So my challenge is - write a billboard or website banner ad for something along those lines smile.gif We're not looking for game statistic here (as Doc Funk once said, if you provide stats we will mock you smile.gif ), just entertaining fluff to be slipped into peoples' games.
"Now with Prostate Protection™! Keep the frank and beans rare, not well done!"
They're probably just potassium iodide tablets. They 'protect' you from radiation by supersaturating your system with harmless iodine. This reduces the amount of harmful radioactive iodine your body will absorb from nuclear fallout. Radioactive iodine is a big health concern because it sticks around in your body longer than most other harmful radioactive fallout particles.

This might save you if, say, there was a breach in the nuclear power plant upstream from your house. It'll do f*ck-all against direct exposure to the power plant's core. Surviving a nuclear blast is right out.
"Be the last kid on the block to glow, with Fuqed brand Nuke Pills, now with Nerps!"
Aw man, who wants to be the last to glow?!?

okay how about:
"Feeling over-done? Try Nuke Pills, from Slam-O!"
A Nuke Pill each day keeps the Toxic Shaman away.
Now you can enjoy the the wonder of Glow City without the nasty side effect. Nuke Pills for less mutant children.
Heh, superb stuff. BTW Nikoli, you're quite right - potassium iodide, AFAIK.

"Nuke Pills - for your barium hangovers!"

(Little Alias tribute there smile.gif )
I kid you not, I work with the mom of the owner of that company. That guy is ROLLING in it (his mother, however, is not). She seems to think it's the real thing, and that they used it in Chernobyl. I haven't done my research, but it's a legit company that's been out for a few years at least.
Well, if they've got Rad-X, now they just need to work on Rad-Away.

And soon... soon I will have my beloved wasteland...
Crimson Jack
Ah, the Brotherhood of Steel... cool.gif
QUOTE (Crimson Jack @ Nov 30 2004, 06:39 PM)
Ah, the Brotherhood of Steel...  cool.gif

I really enjoyed the Fallout universe series of games. I thought there was an RPG out there that was based on it, but never managed to dig deep enough to find it. Somewhere in the back of my mind, SR always reminded me a bit of those games.

Oh and my contribution:

"Say NO to the GLOW!"
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