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Full Version: the interior of a Ares Citymaster
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I'm looking for a plan of the interior of a Ares Citymaster. My group are going into a toxic wasteland in one and I can imagine that it's fairly important that they know what it looks like on the inside.

If you have on, please mail me at

I wish.

Same goes for all the boats too.
There used to be a d20 Espionage game site where there were links to all kinds of maps: RV layouts, cruise ships, prefab buildings. I don't know if that site is still around, but you could look for the RV sites if you wanted a layout of something like that.

The basic citymaster, however, is probably not that complicated. I'd say, a bench up front for the driver and passenger, and a couple of benches along each side in the back. If it wasn't a troop carrier, there might not be anything back there at all.
Hell - I need the plans for a standard cargo ship myself...I could build my own, but having real plans would make it seem much more real. If someone knows a link to a site with all of the above plans, that would be an ideal resource for GMs.
That's right, I actually need to update that... dead.gif

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