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So here's the deal. I'm slowely planning a campaign based around my PC's working for and/ or joining the Order of St. Sylvester. This is going to be a high powered campaign. And this will eventually turn into them either voluntarily joining the Templars or by force...but either way, they will be templars. My runners actually know this, but they don't know when or how or diddly squat what else.

Most of them have already created characters and i have been thinking up the major runs but i feel that i am going to need about a half a dozen other runs focusing on fighting magical threats or retrieving relics.

I was hoping for suggestions of some relics or some other magical threats that i might not have thought of (and i have thought of quite a few), probably really odd ones.

So, i'm turning to you all for a few ideas...
A great many relics are body parts. finger bones etc. The team doesn't have to know their powers, just their existance.

Just look to the Bible and maybe the dark ages. Many relics were attached ot saints who lived centuries after Jesus and they don't all have to be living things. Most famous/infamous- a splinted of the True Cross to which Jesus was nailed, The Nails used, The Shroud of Turin, the robe of St. Martin and the Spear used to pierce Jesus' side on the Cross.

In that same vein there could be the helmet of Joan of Arc, the sandels of St Christopher, the Stone of Scone or some incredibly obscure stuff of people that they won't have heard of- The Ink Well of St Dunstan, The trovel of St Cuthbert.

The runs don't just have to be finding stuff, but possibly discrediting false stuff. Taking out people who want to take htings the church already have, or even mundane stuff, like stopping a bad PR situation, either by dealing with the problem, or if it's beyond hope, the media.
Here's a link i came across a few months ago, might be useful for pics of weird relics:
A Link for all the Necromancer Decorators in the House
The arrow of Saint Sebastian.

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