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Full Version: Oak Island Money Pit
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I am thinking about contacting my PC's to head an exploratory dig of the (in)famous Oak Island Money Pit.

If you don't know what it is, Google it. It'd be a great storyline.

I am looking for suggestions here.

Who made it? What does it hide? What can it mean to the awakened world?

I already know most of the stories, I am looking for what other GM's and Players would make of this thing. Let's be creative but keep it at least 'linked' to the legends and stories.

Thanks in advance =)
Dunky's original lair! wink.gif
Interesting story. Why would anyone go to so much hassle just to hire a treasure. My first thought were a good Cthulhu story and some alchemist's treasure, but since we're speaking SR I'd go for Harlequin or another IE. They hid something down there in the 18th century. Maybe as a result of downcycle dragon hunting (the limestone cave may indicate that).
I actually wasn't kidding when I said Dunkelzahn's lair. It would fit with several threads in canon.

You could have them work for the Draco Foundation. Alternately they might be following up a lead in Dunkelstein's will.

I do like the Harley angle, but I've always been a bit partial where he is concerned. biggrin.gif
Are there any references to Freemasons in SR canon? What do we know about them as it relates to the sixth world?
There's nothing that I can find, so i'm working on some stuff...
whether or not it will ever see the light of day is something else...
my fear is that someone else might write something that Rob likes better and end up having them eating dead babies or something...
It sounds like a very elaborat entrance to a caer.

Something existing entirely in the astral (horror) would have a difficult time moving through the water that keeps pouring in.

And even if it did make it down to a "dry" chamber it might become trapped by the in rush of water from above thereby becoming a natural trap.
Caine Hazen
This site is a good one to look over the real world info on the site, and about 1/2 their links lead to good info too. And some maps...
Try either threats or threats 2 for info on the Black Lodge.

the Black Lodge is not the same as the Freemasons though...they recruit from them, and maybe borrow their structure and forms, but that's about it. The Black Lodge is "evil" - bent on global domination and power. The Freemasons are not...
QUOTE (bitrunner)
The Black Lodge is "evil" - bent on global domination and power. The Freemasons are not...

Twist, mangle, mutilate organizational goals to one's own campaign needs. The Freemasons COULD be out for domination. There hasn't been much about the Freemasons so till then, just have fun with it. Just like the Illuminati! (unless there is canon stuff about them already? Oh wait, that's a secret isn't it?)
There was a book written by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child called Riptide some years back that had a storyline similar to the one you are suggesting, so as not to spoil the plot in case you want to read it (and it is a cracking read by the way) I will spoiler it.

[ Spoiler ]

If you want any more details feel free to email me, although I strongly recommend reading the book.
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