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Full Version: UCAS/CAS OSHA standards
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Oh geez, this thought occured to me at work. My office for some weird reasons have doorways over 8'6" throughout the building, which is rather tall. Especially from my perspective of being only 5'6". (Maybe my office envisions for former NBA players to start working here, I don't know...)

It just occured to me that it'll be actually somewhat appropriate for 206X in Shadowrun for (especially gov't buildings) OSHA standards to accommodate for trolls and orcs (though it'll be a small percentage for the office type environment). The kicker is the light switch to my office is only 3' high (for handicap accessibility). But it can easily be translated to accomodate for the dwarves.

I just thought it'd really stink for the troll who goes into the office to have to reach down to hit the light switch. Heh, all the offices will accomdate for him to get into it, but the other features will also have to accommodate his smaller coworkers.

Food for thought, and gawd I'm thinking everyday things in Shadowrun terms. Gack! indifferent.gif
Actually I ruled that all buildings built after 2028 or so had to be troll friendly. It falls under current laws.
Cynic project
If you have to friendly to both Trolls and Dwarfs, they could have two sets of switch,handles and what not.
hopefully they do two switches. But I doubt it.... Oh man, the urinals/toilet standards... Several ways around it, but still, it'll be funny for the situation like oh, the Troll REALLY has explosive something (Taco Hut special has hit him) and the only stall available is the one for dwarves... add in other toilet/urinal humor. That and the stall walls/doors in older places not high enough for privacy from trolls or something. ok, I'm thinking waay too much about this.
Herald of Verjigorm
With the abundance of maglocks, doors don't need traditional (rotational) handles, so you are more free to implement the 1 meter tall verticle handle. It starts low enough for dwarves, and reaches up to what is natural for troll-kin.

As for switches, just use thermographic cameras to ID if anything warm-blooded is in the room. It doubles as a security camera when no one should be at work.
Good answer!
You could have a "urnial trough" that slants upward at an angle to accomodate all heights. Dwarves on the low side, trolls on the right side, humans/orks/elves somewhere in the middle. biggrin.gif
Dude, you never stand in the middle. That's basic men's room etttiquite and there should always be at least one (the more the better) urinial between you and anyone else. The trough makes this impossible.

...... Ettiquite(Men's Room), a specialization I never want to see on a character sheet.
I'd imagine alot of the corporate building would have motion sensitve sensors for lights and such to automatically turn on. Doors would be more tricky, but maglocks seem to be more widespread than keylocks, so I'd guess some sort of proximity lock would suffice.

Interesting social engineering topic.
Kanada Ten
QUOTE (BitBasher)
Actually I ruled that all buildings built after 2028 or so had to be troll friendly. It falls under current laws.

I bet you won't seem those in Japanacoprs, at least not those with extraterritoriality. They might have floors dedicated to such for those that do employ them, however. Otherwise, cargo entries are good enough for the chubby races.

And before someone says Yamatetsu, I say they're Russian now, baby.

With the fall of government resources, one will encounter many places simply not designed for trolls to fit. And given the inherent inefficiencies of the system, legal action could take years to result in "not a significant problem to warrant the costs" as it is often ruled for handicapped accessability in buildings that do not service to the public.

It should also be noted that humans will cry foul at the dwarven and troll housing locations as well, but I see those as not only likely but damn cool.
QUOTE (BitBasher @ Dec 3 2004, 05:37 PM)
Actually I ruled that all buildings built after 2028 or so had to be troll friendly. It falls under current laws.

And keep in mind that any building renovated with costs exceeding 30% of full fair value of the building must be brought fully up to code.

Incidentally, this is the Building Code, nothing to do with OSHA. The State Building Authority handles these matters.

OSHA would require troll-moded gell wristrests on all mousepads and keyboards to avoid carpel tunnel syndrome.
And require that a number of Troll- and Dwarf-modified Hazmat suits equal to the number of human suits are kept at applicable facilities at all times.

Dammit, I work in construction engineering.

I thought I could at least avoid seeing mention of OSHA here.


I help out with Building Code analyses. How do you think I feel? wink.gif

QUOTE (KarmaInferno)
Dammit, I work in construction engineering.

I thought I could at least avoid seeing mention of OSHA here.



sorry if I brought up something unpleasant for ya. and oops, my bad about mixing up between OSHA and building code standard.

But hey, if people brought up something from my work I'll be willing to talk about it. The patent system in 206X, anybody?

In response to GrindertheTroll: yeah, I thought it would be something different to talk about other than politics, cyberwear, magic, etc...
It would kind of be a neat look into the psyche of the AAA corps as well. Think about it - corps are extraterritorial, which means to a certain degree they make their own rules, and especially in respect of their own internal operations.

The key thing there is - no unfair dismissal or discrimination suits.

So, for example (and yeah, I always pick on them, but I have a personal IC grudge against these fraggers smile.gif ) say Aztechnology have standard human-sized everything. The small percentage of dwarf employees have to jump up to the door locks and stand on stools at the urinals; the troll lads spend most of the day hunkered down to get through doors or use toilets and terminals. That says that Aztech have no consideration for metahumans.

Just a random thought.
Troll-modded stuff will probably not be that uncommon if Trolls get hired at all. They tend to cause property damage if pushed too far.

QUOTE (GrinderTheTroll)
I'd imagine alot of the corporate building would have motion sensitve sensors for lights and such to automatically turn on.

A lot of offices have these today. They can cause problems sometimes though. When people are moving around (middle of the day) they work fine. But when everybody is just sitting at their desk typing, etc, there isn't enough movement to register, especially since they have lots of blind spots. If somebody's working overtime, with only a few people there, they have to wave their hand in the air every ten minutes or the lights turn off.
Herald of Verjigorm
Those drawbacks are why I suggested thermographic cameras. Heat sources other than the expecting computing heat will trigger the lights during work hours or an alarm if no one should be in that room at that time.
GAH! Acessibility Codes! Cant I leave this crap at work?

I dont for see dwarves having a problem. Mostly because current ADA codes service people at or below 4'-11". Trolls... thats different. A std. 6'-8" door frame most likely wouldent do. Hand rails at 3' might be a shade low, but if the art from the SR books is somewhat close, they have wicked long arms anyhow, so thats moot.
Johnny Reb
Extraterritorality would make them immune from OSHA and state regulatory measures, tho, wouldn't it? I'd imagine that they'd have their own internal code (Buildings full of employees that collapse bring family lawsuits) but, yeah, most Megas are pretty Meta-unfriendly. Yet another reason to hire mainly Elves and Humans, stick the Dwarves in accounting (And telecommuting), then tossing Orks on the loading docks.

And Trolls?

Trolls Need Not Apply.

-- Johnny Reb
Crimsondude 2.0
Well, this all presumes something which I have long presumed in the exact opposite way: That there is an OSHA (at least in the UCAS), that it has any real power, and that any of that power includes the ability to force such gross accomodations for such a small number of people. That is, to go with what I had mention in another thread, the U.S. and the UCAS henceforth have been very, very conservative. Given the fact that the Shiawase and Seretech decisions were handed down by a Supreme Court that was dominated by, and lorded over in the Chief Justice's chair, by ultraconservative Bork (a man who thinks Brown v. Bd. of Education was a bad decision) clones, I don't see metas getting much, if any relief from the UCAS Constitution's requirement of non-discrimination based on race since between various government bodies that just don't give a damn, civil rights just isn't going to be what it used to be. Even though quasi-official FASA material (that is, an online file about the Scott Commission members) mentioned the Grumman case (the meta version of Brown v. Board), "reasonable accomodation" could end up meaning "doors" for trolls, and not "troll-sized doors," per se.

But I hate trolls anyway. I'm a bastard that way.
QUOTE (Crimsondude 2.0 @ Dec 7 2004, 04:47 PM)
But I hate trolls anyway. I'm a bastard that way.

Hmmm... similar to unexplained reason of hating dandelion eaters. I'm not sure why, could be because of the ears reminds me too much of those weird star trek fans. ugh.

As for the building regulations and such. Actually, I can see it not being enforced also, especially on corporate property that have extraterritorial jurisdictions. They can build according to their own standards. And Aztechnology standards are not the same as Novatech's, etc...

Hmmm... that might be a funny run though. A team hired to infiltrate a facility to record all the building code and OSHA violations there. I guess the local Union 506 wants to muscle and establish a union at that place and this would be a great way to add ammunition by siccing the gov't on that corp... This would work on a small corporation than a mega, btw.
Crimsondude 2.0
hahaha. Unions... In 2060. How cute.
I imagine setting up your doorways to allows trolls entry is one reason to have big doors and big halls, another could be more mechanical in nature.

I'm sure you've all had that fun experience of finding out the piece of furniture you want to move, doesn't fit in the frickin doorway.

Plus from a security mindset, bigger halls let you drive bigger security drones with the miniguns down them at night. smile.gif
Hehe, I can see teh lawsuit now...

Criminal breaks into facility, seeing the huge hallways and doors and figgers he can use a forklift to move swag out the front door...

10 minutes into his heist the Troll Security guards sits on him and breaks a bone (or five), he sues.

The Judge: "Son, did you see the large, obviously sized for a troll doorways and halls?"

Plaintiff: "Yes, your Honor. i did."

The Judge: "Did it not occur to you that they may have a reason for such large building requirements?"

Plaintiff: "No Sir, it really didn't cross my mind at the time. I didn't see any signs 'Warning: Trolls at work' or nothing like that."

The Judge: "Son, I'm going to dismiss this case and recomend to the state that you be sterilized for teh good of the gene pool as part of your criminal hearing outcome. Court is adjourned."
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