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Full Version: Quick Physical Shaman Question
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Morning all.

Since i'm at work and have no access to books, I'm asking you good folks

Do physical shamans get access to the astral?

According to the Generator form McMackie they do, but I thought MiTS said they had to buy the astral perception power.

This is according to the generator:
<P>Can use Sorcery and Conjuring skills, access the astral
plane, and use foci. Plus the benefits and disadvantages of
their totem/tradition. </P>

What's the deal? Which is correct?
I think it's that adepts who follow a totem can do a metaplanar quest for initiation.
But do they have astral perception and projection?

I may have misunderstood what the generator was telling me.
I'm axsuming you are refering to a Magician Adept. If so, they have to purchase the Astral Perception power if they want to see into the Astral.

There is also a Metamagic that allows them to Astrally project briefly too, but I don't have my books with me at the moment so I can't describe that in any more detail.
Joe Outside
It's in SOTA 64. The Mage-Adept with said metamagic can enter the astral for (Magic Rating) minutes at a time, with some other limitations IIRC.
What kind of drain does an astrally perceiving mage take when casting a spell?
Ol' Scratch
The same type he always does.
Stun rather than physical?
Assuming that Force<=Magic, yes.
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