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Full Version: Fomorians - Who is responsible for the cover-up
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In 2053 Fomorians were "short-armed" trolls with enough torso body hair to rival a wholly mamoth. Their teeth were all incisor types similar to those found in fish eating animals and the dermal deposits were heavy enough to obscure most of their musclature development. (Page 32d - Tir Na Nog)

By 206x Fomorians had lost their body hair and dermal deposits; their crude and brutal features have changed to more resemble the rest of meta-humanity to point were "beautiful" can be used in their description. (SR3 Comp)

What happened, who knows, when did it happen, why wasn't I told? This is worse than the Klingon mutation. (The Tribble episodes, Star Trek & ST Next Gen)
Ancient History
By the sound of it, the Fomorians referenced in Tir na nOg were those infected by HMHVV-II; not the metavariant.

[/edit] Also, your page reference isn't working for me.
Interbreeding cousins?

I always assumed they were 2 different meta types.

Isn't the one from the Tir sourcebok infected with hmhvv?
They are described as

"Fomorians of the Western Boglands", the page is the fourth "glossy" found after page 32 or 23, can't remember now.
Ancient History
Ah, well, those are the HMHVV-II formorians. You can tell by the mane of chest hair.

[/edit] A picture is worth a thousand words. Referencing a picture (which are always of dubious accuracy) in SR is also worth a thousand words, but none of them are politely spoken in public. nyahnyah.gif
Where are the HMHVV-II formorians descibed? Page ref, please.
Ancient History
Paranormal Animals of Europe, p.46-7
speaking of troll variants

Was the mutaqua (sp?) ever detailed?
QUOTE (Ancient History @ Dec 7 2004, 04:59 PM)
Paranormal Animals of Europe, p.46-7

Ah, I don't currently have that. When was that released, just as a comparision between TNN and SR3Comp. If you don't know/have access, no sweat.
Ancient History
PAoE was released 'fore TNN which was 'fore the Formorian metavariant came out in SR Comp II.

Grimooth: The mutaqua has nae been stated oot, but the Vampire Conspiracy section of the original Threats goes over it a bit, as I recall.

You could, at your option, either consider a mutaqua a Toxic dzoo-noo-qua (using the mutant/toxic critters rules); or as a genetic experiment (probably but not necessairilly from the Ordo Maximus). In each case with a vulnerability/severe allergy to, say, household cleaners...(go Rani!)
I may be mistaken, but I think they're too entirely different things. The metavariant from SRComp is the Fomori, while the HMHVV-II infected beastie is the Fomorian
Ancient History
They're two different things with the same name. The Fomorian metavariant is a Celtic metagene-based troll metavariant, while a Fomorian Infected is a troll infected with HMHVV II. You could theoretically have a Fomorian Fomorian; or an F-squared as I like to call it.

The difference between "Fomorians" and "Fomori" is your linguistic tastes, they're both bastardized English plurals for the singular "Fomor" or "Fomorian."

As I recall. I can check when I get home.
Gyro the Greek Sandwich Pirate
Man, I need to find me the original Threats.

Vampire conspiracy just sings fun.
Crimsondude 2.0
You'd think....
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