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Full Version: Quick Question on Cyber Limbs
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OK, I have a game tonight and I left M&M at home.

Can some one please tell me how much it lowered the essence and cost of Bone lacing and dermal shething to have a cyber limb. I thought it was 10? per limb on both essence and cost and you could have two full replacments befor it stared to effect the bonuses.

Also the Cyber Torso counted as one or two full replacments?

Thanks alot. smile.gif
damn I wish I remebered to bring that book....
I should be home within the next hour and a half, I'll look for you then, if thats quick enough.
Ol' Scratch
10% per full limb, 5% per partial limb if memory serves. If you have four or more replacements, you don't gain any benefit from the reduced implants at all. "Count one limb and the torso as a single replacement and the skull and a partial limb as a single replacement."
Mohahah, Thanks Doc, That sounds right.

Tarantula, thanks and if you don't mind that would be great. I am stuck here until 5 then I go straight to the game. smile.gif
One More stupid question, and this one has bugged me for a long time. The part on cyber armor said you have to armor front and back of torso sepretly, the ECU of a torso is 7. Is that 7 for front and 7 more for back, or 7 total?
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