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Full Version: Hawkmoon Shadowrun Site Updated
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Lance Hawvermale
We've uploaded the first of our new weapons and gear to the Hawkmoon Adventures Shadowrun website. We plan to post a new weapon once per month, or until Ye Olde Creativity Well runs dry.

All the best to everyone,

Nice site. Good job on the weapon.

Is the price you have listed for character creation, or is it stree value. Also what is the street index?
Lance Hawvermale
Thanks for the comments. The price is for the street value of the weapon. We'll get those SIs in there soon.

Thanks again!
How is this stealth suit new? Ruthsuits have already been covered in Man and Machine.
Lance Hawvermale
Yes, these suits are of course based on material in M&M. We got tired of doing the math for each body type. In our own campaign, we offer the suit as a whole unit in this manner, doing away with a lot of calculations.
Gyro the Greek Sandwich Pirate
I am intrigued...

::is thusly intrigued::
Lance Hawvermale
Website update:

We've added a faux "advertisement" to Hawkmoon's Shadowrun site, in the spirit of the London Sourcebook and other tomes. Check it out!

Hawkmoon's Shadowrun
You've got a rogue &nbsp hanging around on

Kanada Ten
The &nbsp are all over the place. Is that an IE format command?
It's an HTML entity for a non-breaking space, in this case lacking a semicolon.

Lance Hawvermale

Well, I never said HTML was my forte. smile.gif

Really, though, I'm not sure why my browser didn't reveal the hanging &nbsp. When I opened the HTML editor, I of course saw the errors, but I was never able to see them when viewing the published page in IE. Weird.

At any rate, if you spot any more of these that I missed, please let me know.

All the best to everyone,

Herald of Verjigorm
Internet explorer seems to include a number of typos as equivalent to the nearest proper HTML. Most other HTML display programs do not have that (sometimes unwanted) feature and will deem the nbsp to be text content since it didn't have the semicolon.
Lance Hawvermale
Ah, well, that explains it.

At any rate, we hope to add new Shadowrun content as we add new D20 content, so look for new guns (and perhaps other cool stuff) every couple of weeks.
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