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Full Version: A magiv hunting team
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Cynic project
I would like to see what people think would be the best team of people for hunting down magical threats. You can either use the rules from MJLBB for high powered runner or BECKS with 500 points. The groups should be no more than 7,and no less than 4. No more than two fully magically active people, or one fully magically active,and two aspected .
Are you asking for a quick breakdown of a team and their rough capabilities, or...well, judging from the specific nature and methods of creation listed in your question..It sounds to me like you're trying to con people into making a team of (N?)PC's up for you.

"I guess I can let you whitewash this fence!"
Cynic project
I am not running a game of shadowrun,and I do not put that much details into the back ground of NPCs. I do use rules for making stats of NPCs, I give the skills and gear that they need to serve the plot.
The best Magical threats hunting team IS a nearly all magical group... I am currently working on a Sylversterein Campaign where I suggested that everyone consider being far only one person is mundane. Group of 7 people.

Unless you feel that too much magic will just nerf the campaign... make the characters start off more general and low powered, give them plenty of challenges and make them really earn the karma the hard way.
Cynic project
Well,I want to see the tech that most people think of as being good fighting magic. I would also like to see how people would make magical people that would help non magical people fighting off the bad mojo.
A good magic fighting team would have awakened characters to give spell defense to the mundanes, capable of launching a magical assault of their own (elementals plus watcher attack packs, able to pump lots of dice into spells and still soak Drain, etc.). The mundanes could have speed, stealth and firepower, along with high Attributes to resist spells. Here's a general example:

Caitlin Ash, Female elven fire elemental mage
(High Charisma, uses a pack of elementals and expendable combat foci. Only bonded focus is a Force: 1 sustaining focus for Increase Reflexes +3)

Speedline, Male night one speed sammie
(Maxed out initiative boosting 'ware, high stealth, ambidex, twin SMGs with maxed-out recoil comp)

Grimm, Male oni tank sammie
(high Bod & Bod-enhancing 'ware but still decent speed, uses an Ares Alpha with maxed-out recoil comp - can use either EX Exp rnds and white phosphorus mini-grenades, or drugged capsule rounds and Neurostun mini-grenades. A few Great Dragon ATGMs for really tough targets)

Stonewall, Male gnome sorcerer - Dragonslayer Totem
(uses optimal mix of foci: Force: 6 manabolt focus, 2 sustaining foci - 1 Force: 5 for improved invisibility and 1 Force: 1 for increase reflexes +3)

Tall Order, Male Wakyambi sorcerer - Sun Totem
(the medic of the group as well as a good spellslinger)

Ghost, Albino female decker/sammie
(has a cyberarm with a gyromount and a cyber-taser, uses a Franchi Spas-22, also uses a Remington 990 for longer-range sniping)

Wormboy, male dwarven rigger
(Armored van, a good RCD, and lots of armed/scouting drones, personal sidearm is a gyrojet pistol with seeker heads)

All - Bonus Attribute/Willpower Edge, have good armor with things like fire resistance, etc. and micro-transceivers with good ECCM and encryption.
Jesus, talk about The Real World: Seattle...
A sample team using MJLBB High Powered Chargen:

1 Hermetic(Druid) - Elf, Cha 9, bonded elementals(2 fire/water/air and 3 earth), Manipulation spells

1 Sam - Human, AUG-CSL Assault Rifle with Glazer rounds(both Avail 10), Smartlink 2 with Rangefinder, Called Shot to bypass armour. Do the math.

2 Adepts - 1 Elf & Stealth (scout and silent takedowns), 1 Troll & Bow (meatshield and brute strength)

1 Shaman(Druid) - Human, Sun Totem, totem-bonus spells

1 Rigger - Drones and Vehicles (more Resources and Avail 10)

1 Decker - Intelligence gathering
I'd be tempted to farm the decking out to npc sources and put another meatshield in the slot, or alternatively, putting a detective or another mundie skill monkey in there.
Depending on how you rule it, whether someone with SURGE Astral Sight could Initiate and gain Metamagics, I'd fill the decker with an Astral Sight Otaku for almost absolute intel control.
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