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Full Version: upgrading a familiar's skills question
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Hi. In MITS pg 110-111 it mentions an initial karma cost and a +1 karma cost for a familiar's skills.

My question is for an existing familiar that is already been designed and summoned. If you add a new skill to the familiar's formula through a ritual of change then what would be the karma cost for a familar to learn a new skill like Aura Reading 3 for example.

Would you use the inital karma cost to add this new skill to an existing familiar or would this be considered adding a +1 skill level for the familiar??

Thanks for the help.
The section on skills for ally spirits covers improving a skill but seems to miss giving a new skill. I would charge 1 karma point for eth first point of a new skill and then proceed as stated. 1+1+2=4 points of karma to bring the skill up to 3.

Thanks for the response Edward. Anyone else?
I agree that Edward is on target. They seem to treat ally spirits as an extension of their creator, and the cost for a new skill for the creator would be 1 for the new skill, so the same should apply to transferring that to the ally spirit.
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