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Full Version: ranged two-weapon combat
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according to CC, a character shooting two pistols receives a +2 modifier for shooting with two pistols in each hand and an extra +2 modifier for each additional targets with no modifiers from visual modifications like smartlink, smartgoggles, and lasersight.

would the character still suffer the first +2 modifier if the character was shooting the same target with both pistols?
Yes, he still receives the first TN penalty, but not the second. The first penalty can be off-set partially or fully by the Ambidexterity Edge.
And in my games I've actually created an Off-Hand Pistols and Off-Hand SMG skills which don't suffer this penalty.
Ah, good ol' dual pistols. Here's how I understand how they work. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

You can fire both pistols in a single simple action, meaning you can fire 4 times each pass. Now the recoil thing has me slightly confused. Each gun recieves the recoil modifier of the other.

So the TN modifier would look like this

+2 (Standard +2 for dual wielding)
+3 (Standard +2 for dual wielding and +1 for recoil)
+4 (Standard +2 for dual wielding and +2 for recoil)
+5 (Standard +2 for dual wielding and +3 for recoil)

Is this correct? Because I've heard it rationalized that you don't add up each bullet like that because you're theoretically firing both guns at once.

So in that case it would be something like

+2 (Standard)
+2 (Standard)
+4 (Standard & +2 recoil)
+4 (Standard & +2 recoil)

Which is more correct?
That's implying that you are shooting all four rounds at one target. Otherwise you get another +2 per each extra target... Anybody here have a Math SPU handy?!?

Personal preference, but I prefer to count each shot individually, rather than saying that you fire both pistols at once.

I always like the idea of the gunslinger, alternating shots with each hand...
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