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The Question Man
Hoi shadowscum, I wanted to make you aware about the up side of Christmas clean up. Be aware people.

Potential Targets sometimes mark themselves when putting out Christmas Garbage.

Stuff that you and I my fellow Theives mark as B&E targets based on the Garbage they see leftout.

Boxes for Computers, Security Systems, Game Machines, Stereos, Jewelery, etc...

Peace and Security


P.S.: Be safe!
Remember that in 2064 and beyond, security forces are well aware of this problem, and since many people in the society of Shadowrun live in controlled communities, they're made aware of it too.

Most of the electronics mentioned are going to be part of the house Telecom anyway -- computer, stereo, trid, media players are all part of it. A telecom really isn't portable. The other items, well, complex security or housekeeping probably handles for the residents, so that us runners never get to see who's gotten what.

A better method to find this out would be to hire your friendly neighborhood decker to dig through the ordering databases of some online catalogs -- they're made to be user-friendly, so they can't have all that much IC protecting them. Or have a contact among corporate housekeeping, so they can find out who got the nice stuff this holiday season.

But dumpster diving in corporate suburbia? Beneath the dignity of most runners.
But dumpster diving in corporate suburbia? Beneath the dignity of most runners.

That's why your drones do it.
...or your contacts...

just take a garbageman contact, or throw some money to a squatter to do a little dumpster-diving...heck, they're probably already doing it to find a new "coffee table"...
draco aardvark
Alas, I couldn't connect to the forums for a while, but here's something interesting to watch for when you're breaking in...

That would make an interesting run, the team breaks in blissfully unaware that the guy wanted them to, so that he could kill them devil.gif
You know, maybe this illustrates the difference between me and my SR characters, but when I see a bunch of styrofoam in front of someone's house, the first thing I think is, "I can make some great terrain out of that stuff!"

The weirder the shape the better. Half of them already look like futuristic buildings, all you have to do is paint them a bit and maybe break them up to make them more unrecognizable, and then let the minis (or the plastic army men, or the dice, or whatever you use) get into the 3D battlefield.

Another cool idea:
Characters must intercept a video game system heading to some rich executive's house for christmas. Before the item may reach the target's son/daughter, the players must intercept a "drone" cargo-hauler (which actually has a LoneStar guard and dwarven rigger on it) without tipping anyone off, connect a new circut board to the innards of the game system allowing it to pick up surveilance footage and store it on a matrix-accessable disk when connected to the matrix, and put the thing back. Then, when the board goes faulty and causes the game system to malfunction, the characters must enter the building and remove the data manually and/or fix the device before an authorized repairman or security guard discovers the extra circutry. This allows a "Face" character to show off, as it would me much easier to convince the personell that you are an authorized repairman than it would be to sneak in and do it secretly.
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