A great way to do this is to register on the CommandoHQ page! Here's How!

Go to and register a player account. Once you do, you'll have an option to choose Commandos to associate your account with. Choose local and semi-local Commandos. After you choose, whenever they post an event in the database, (something they have to do if they want to get paid for it), the system automatically sends you an e-mail with the event details.

That way, you'll at least be in the loop, and you can decide whether or not you want to take part.

The Player E-mails are protected by some kind of creepy Robot thing that Skyhigh put in there, so data-miners can't get your address and send you wee-wee enlargment Spam and the such. It WILL however, allow other players in your area to find you. That way you can hook up for a run or two.