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Full Version: Wrote my first SR story
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HMHVV Hunter
Some of you may remember my topic from a while ago about asking for advice about writing stories in the Shadowrun universe (Here)

Well, I've written the first of these stories and I'd like to put them up somewhere. Problem is, I know nothing about website designing or what it takes to put one up.

Any ideas?
You can try to find someone with a website that will host it (DV8's site, perhaps, or (I have some of my more recent ones posted there)).

You can also throw it out to the members of the Shadowrun Writers Forum for critique, although those boards have been rather silent of late...

There was a thread on here a few weeks back for people to post SR short ficcies. Toss it up there, revive the thing.
mfb has an SR section.
Fresno Bob
I think anyone would be wise to distance themself from as much as possible.
I think anyone would be wise to distance themself from as much as possible.

Even I, being far from all of that, do agree with that sentence.
out of curiosity, why? i mean, most of it's crap, sure. but that's true of all amateur fiction (and no small amount of professional fiction).
Crimsondude 2.0
Echo Critias: Put it up on the Fiction thread.

Then we can rip it apart on its companion commentary thread. wink.gif
HMHVV Hunter
This story is almost 6 pages long; it would take far too much space in one post.
Use the spoiler tag.
Screw the spoiler tag, just toss it in. If you'd prefer, give it its own thread.

Throw it up at the Shadowrun Writers Forum and in the thread here. The more eyes that see it the more useful comments you'll get.
You should post it here, if only in parts...I wanna read it! smile.gif
You might check out It's slowed down recently, but it still hosts a lot of SR fiction

QUOTE (Voorhees @ Dec 31 2004, 05:33 PM)
I think anyone would be wise to distance themself from as much as possible.

some of it is OK

It's just the other 95% or so is (How to put this politely...)

OTOH, the stuff in the shadowrun section wasn't bad. Avoid star trek and wars at all bloody costs though

Don't forget to avoid pretty much ALL of the Bored of The Rings stuff on there too.
Crimsondude 2.0
First of all, the short version of Jay's bio I posted is 4.5 pages of single-spaced TNR 12 pt text in Word with 1" margins all around. It'll fit.

Second, you can break it up if it doesn't. All this time debating where to post it, and you could have already posted all of it in as many posts as you needed by now.
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