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Full Version: Electric static
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here is an idea for a spell but i am having some trouble working out how it works and what it costs.

Basic idea. An area effect manipulation spell that converts all electricity in the area to static electricity.

what would the target number be?
What type of test should it be?
What woudl the base drain be?
Would it have permanent effects or be strictly maintain?
what would the effects be on electrical devices and electric grid?


base it on mana static and have every thing be identical but effects electronic devises. Maybe like ECM on all electronics.

have it be a pure elemental effect of electricity. But then how do you calculate drain when it does no damage?

would there be a possibility of secondary sparking from electrical systems that could be damage? What would the damage be?

Things that would be appropriate

Minor Physical Change (Drain M) disrupts electrical flow?
Physical Spell +1 Drain Target*
permanent +1 Drain Level
Sustained +1 Drain Target?
Area Spell +1 Drain Level*
vary restricted Target (Only electricity) -1 drain Level?
Elemental effect (Electricity) +1 Drain Level?
you'd be better of simply creating electricity, rather than trying to convert it. your idea for using the mana static rules for technology is madness, though. you'd have to make up a whole new mechanic for how electronic devices interact with this one spell. the best idea is probably to just make an electronic-devices-only version of the ball lightning spell. that will have the effect of shorting out most electronic equipment in the area, without directly hurting anyone.
OK so using ball lightning ass base

Ball lightning drain +1(DL+2)

vary restricted target DL-1
Stun Only DT-1 (does not do physical damage just messes things up till change dissipates)

Static Ball Drain (DL+1)
Electronics resist using there body, or barrier rating
stun level indicates target modifiers when using equipment, if deadly stun stops functioning. Stun damage to electronics recover at same rate as normal stun as the static change dissipates.

sound about right?
Converting all electricity into an area into static electricity (turning it all into stationary electrical charges) would kill anyone in the area as all brain/nervous system signaling stopped and the body ceased to function.

actualy it wold not as most livign organisum use electrochemicals to chreat electric impulses. Also the restriction is for non-living inantimet, so cyberware would not be efected as it is considerd living ie you payed esence for it. While your smart gun might not work properly.

using mana statick 4 sucses woudl efectivly nutralize a smart link II, redice the rating of electronics by a rating by 2. create an efective ecm flux rating of 2.
based purly on #of sucsesses

using the lightning ball idea.
electronic takes moderate stun damadge. all its tests woudl be at a +2TN.
Smat links would be efctivly non-funtinal,maglocks would have tehar rating reduced by2, ext..... Deadly stun the devices completly stop working.
based on dmage resistance of equipment

QUOTE (Kagetenshi)
Converting all electricity into an area into static electricity (turning it all into stationary electrical charges) would kill anyone in the area as all brain/nervous system signaling stopped and the body ceased to function.


Not to mention reduce the temperature in the area to absolute zero.
A better idea would be to randomly fluctuate the voltage and polarity of any current in the target. This would cause Stun damage roughly equivalent to (power level-2)M due to random neural actvity, but more importantly, it would cause a great deal of damage to Cyberware and knock out most electronics, if not destroying them outright. A variant of this spell (area effect version) would cause EM radiation pretty much throught the spectrum below infra-red, which would disrupt almost all wireless communications. This would make drone rigging impossible and interrupt radio and cellular phones for a few dozen meters around. Of course, both versions of this spell would have crazy drain, most likely Serious, or at least high-end Moderate. You could also use a spell similar to this on fiber-optic lines; by randomly sending out pulses of light in the infra-red through ultra-violet frequencies, the mage could completely disrupt communications on a given fiber-optic line. However, if the target is inderectly connected to the line (and most lines are only between two points) it would be unaffected, which keeps the character from taking down the entire LTG whenever he/she uses the spell.
i have been thinking on this and have relized that i do not understand the game mechanics on how the 2ndary efects of lightning work. If i understood that better it would help in geting the spell design right. So any help thear?

What would the target number be for a smart link on a gun?
Auto pilot on a car?
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