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Full Version: Denver and the Frontier Free Zone Maps
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Anyone have the old Denver Boxed Set? I need some better maps of the entire Denver/Frontier Free Zone than come's in Shadows of North America. Can anyone help me out?

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Large Mike

I'll see what I can do about scanning the maps, but there are two things:

1) The map of downtown is helpful, but the other map is not nearly as. It has major roads and zone borders, but nothing else. No neighbourhoods, no points of interest, nothing.

2) I can't guarentee that I can get them scanned in any kind of hurry.

You may be better off just going to the city of Denver web site or something similar.
The maps in Shadows of North America are practically scans of the old Denver maps with some new labels, and new borders.

The streets on the Downtown LoDo (Lower Downtown) map are surprisingly accurate, even in modern times... Ive used it to find my way around that part of town and find my buddy who lived on 13th and Sherman.

Like Large Mike said though, the other map isnt that useful. Besides, if you're looking for borders, the old maps are outdated, as they came before ol' Ghosty took over.
Incidentally, it's the Front Range Free Zone.

Thanks for the replys;

Large Mike: When ever you can get them scanned would be great.

Mugzy: The map in (at least my copy) of Shadows of North America is so dark that it is unreadable. (it is a "ligit" purchased copy).

Kagetenshi: I stand corrected. biggrin.gif

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