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Full Version: Good and bad shadowrun novels
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Cynic project
So i have read a few of them in the last week,and I found that some of them are goos and well some of them are bad.

I have read Shadowplay,Wolf and Raven,Regarock or something. And The first two werewhat I think a team of shadowruners could be like.

I mean Yes,the wolf and Raven team were do gooders,and had morals, but they also watched out for the red line..Yes they were powerful,but in a limited way.They didn't change the whole world.

And in SHadow play,yes the runners were all dying,and some how they "saved" the whole world.Or at least they stoped a war...

But in the last book The rock one,the team had face to face incounters with not one but two great dragons,and what three AAA's,and one of the TIR's! Well how are the other two alright and this one wrong?

The team in Wolf and Raven, was powerful,but only when looking at the small scale that they dealt with. They had to wits more often than brute force to win... And In shadowplay wile the good guys did save the world,they did so in a hands off kind of way. They ran away fast and hard,and broke into some hard ice.But that is what shadowrunners do. But some how the scale of shadowrunning and the last book are some what skewed...I felt as if I was reading a james bond book, with stuper powers.

So what other books are like Shadowplay or Wolf and Raven and without the uberness that the last book feels to put in it?
Ancient History
While not strictly comprehensive, and while I disagree on some points, I would be neglectful and wrong not to direct you to Mason's Annotated Shadowrun, a series of novel reviews well worth your time and consideration.
Run Hard, Die Fast and Headhunters were are the only two Shadowrun novels I've read and I didn't find them that bad. Its been many years since but I believe they were both written by Mel Odem, Run Hard revolving around Argent and his team so there was quite a bit of 'uberness' but then again, Argent is supposedly one of the top runners in Seattle. Lots of epic ridiculous stuff in that book though involving vampires being hit with tank rounds and things like that if I remember correctly. Headhunters I recall focusing on Jack Skater and his team stealing a the body of someone related to the big D's assassination for information in the guy's cranial memory and while a little goofy at times wasn't too bad either. I especially liked the focus on Jack trying to raise his baby and trying to survive in the shadows at the same time in that one.
I think 2XS and Burning Bright are generally agreed by all to be the two best novels and ones that you should definately read.
Joe Outside
I, personally, swear by Steel Rain and Just Compensation (as well as the aforementioned Shadowplay).
I don't know about that. I think Night's Pawn is easily on a par with those.
I have & read all of them, and I can reccommend almost all of them, save for the attempted EarthDawn crossing Worlds Without End. Gratned, you may find others not to your liking, but I would say read them all....especially any of the novels written by Stephen Kenson.
I've only read Crossroads, but I really enjoyed it. Especially because I was in Seattle when I was reading it... unfortunately the book took place in Boston.

I didn't really understand what metamagic was then, and the main character was clearly using a lot of it though. It also seemed to imply that the metaplanes were a real scary place... felt kind of World of Darkness like.
Dragonheart Trilogy. Uberness and save-the-world-ness. Nipples not included.

Wolf and Raven. Terminus Experiment. Run Fast, Die Hard. Ragnarok. Good high level runs.

I liked Run Hard, Die Fast from a story point of view. Course, it added fuel to the fires of the "Can you dual Smartlink wield guns?" question. Apparently Argent can. Course that might be because he's Argent nyahnyah.gif
I've only read about half of them, the only one I wouldn't recommend that I read is 2XS. Didn't care for it at all. I liked Changeling a lot because it deveolped the main character over a long period of time.
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