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Full Version: hermetic conjurer/rigger questions:
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first: does the air elementals movement power affect cars and what not?

arguement: they travel through the air but also ON the ground. i assume not but it doesnt hurt to ask.

can you command elementals from the "captains chair" mode; meaning, do you have to unplug from your RC Deck to command elementals?

can you just tell an elemental to receive commands from a specific drone so you could set up teams consisting of a drone and an elemental. you command the drone and through it, the elemental?

if youre driving your car at the speed of light, say, down a very steep hill, and turn on your headlights, what happens to the light? does is just stay in the light bulb? does it go twice the speed of light?

how do you figure out how much a drone weighs and how big it is?
the ford bison has 67 cargo and a 2000 many dalmatians can i fit inside?

can you put a person in the MCT-NISSAN ROTO-DRONE?
cargo 4, load 150

would it be stupid to assume that i can drive a hovercraft down the streets and not draw too much attention?

i see a lot of vehicals in the book that i would like to "rig" but they have no sensor capability, can i add this for some amount of money?

can multiple air elementals use "movement" on one vehicle? this would open up all kinds of wonkieness. examples: turn bis snoopers into missiles. youre being followed by the fuz when all the sudden their car hits the sound barrier...then a building. is a missile considered a vehicle? could you use it as a sort of parachute to slow down your decent?

If your car is travelling the speed of light you won't have time to turn on your headlights.

Any question regarding number of dalmatians can be answerd with: "101". For more detailed answers, assume one dalmation is 2 CF.

One CF is one eighth of a cubic meter. Four CF is thus half of a cubic meter. If the volume of the storage area is .6m x .4m x 2m, you could barely fit a mature elf or human in there. For any other shape of the storage area you'd need a blender first but you could do it.

Driving a hovercraft attracts attention.
If you are driving through a vaccume, assuming that there are no large gavity wells nearby, The light would only move at the speed of light. Because if this, your bulb would quickly overheat and melt or explode.

You wouldn't be able to see it either way. If it went FLT it would travel backwards through time, ariving in front of your car before it leave your car.

Very Very stupid.
Herald of Verjigorm
1) the movement power does not have a restriction on what it can apply to except where explicitly stated in the rules of the critter (such as domain boundaries). Elementals do not have domain boundaries, so if the air elemental had movement (can't remember if it does but I think it doesn't), it could apply it to any object.

2) IIRC, you can command elementals telepathically, so you don't need to jack out for that

3) not well

4) in such an instance, the rapid collisions with atmosphere and of tire on road would create a series of very very large explosions

5) there's a chart in Rigger 3 that gives general weight ranges of vehicles according to body rating. It lacks much detail, but if the GM agrees, that's the weight.

6) I think that's large enough for a bucket seat

7) depends on the city. If Venice hasn't been consumed by hydras and krakens, small hovercraft would be reasonably common for city and land driving.

8) yes, it's in the huge vehicle customization section of Rigger 3

9) only the strongest movement power effect applies, they do not stack
do i assume a dalmation is 2 CF because its got 2 body, i hope not, cause then i could fit 16 and 3/4's bisons into a bison which kinda goes into the FTL/gravity well question.

and if a dalmation is only 2 cf then i could fit 33 and a half of them into the bison which seems kinda high.

ok, it was stupid, i get it, i get it!

all elementals except fire have the movement ability which leads me to believe that they are terrain oriented:
earth: ground vehicles, cars, bikes, feet-legs
air: copters, planes, hovercraft
water: you get the idea

movement power says "only in terrain it controls"

but by the same token a hovercraft could be seen as any of these terrain types, everything but a sub moves through air and as you stated elementals dont worry about terrain types.

im confused...
You can fit a van into another van. You can also fit two fighter jets into a medium transport.

Herald of Verjigorm
Great, you made me check a book. Yup, it's there. Well, since they don't have clear domains to limit their use, I'd just go with anything in useful contact with their element. This means that hovercraft aren't really affected by any elemental movement power but air, boats are water or air, most land vehicles are earth or air, and a deep sea diver on the bottom of some sea could be affected by water or earth.

Unless there's a more explicit statement in the main book (I only checked critters) it seems a reasonable compromise between free access and extreme limits on usefulness of the power.
QUOTE (OurTeam)
One CF is one eighth of a cubic meter. Four CF is thus half of a cubic meter. If the volume of the storage area is .6m x .4m x 2m, you could barely fit a mature elf or human in there. For any other shape of the storage area you'd need a blender first but you could do it.

You sure about that???

You can fit 10,000 rounds of LMG ammo into a CF, So that sounds wrong to me.
yup, hes sure about that, SR3 page 133, "one CF is equal to .125 cubic meters"
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