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Full Version: When teh Matrix and Astral Space Colide
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An idea for a SR campan. (Note many of the ideas presented in this thead will be 1000% contrary to SR3 cannon so bare with me)

The idea is some supper powerfull hermetic magical group is fedup with how unregulated magic is, and develops a plane to take conotrol of magic.(Sounds insane doesent it. Probly is)

Time Line:

Aztechnologi discovers the 1st magicaly active otaku!!

Anchent script is found belived to be from atlants
(conatins info on how atlantic ccontroled magic)

Magic group begins devloping plane to control magic

NEW supper powerfull computers devlop using organic technology.

RUMOR that UV hosts all use this technology.

Research commences on creating magically active organic computers

Organic Magically (OM) active computer systems are perfected and get installed in 13 mainframes across the globe. (they include artifacts that have been recovered form ancient times)(thay draw thear power from the astral plane and are always on. Magic Rating augmenst system rating)

Magic group begins ritual that causes the Matrix, and astral space to connect.

Ritual succeeds-- group becomes all powerful all other magic's loose power
Partial success--- group gains power as other magic's wain (For every 2 of the main frames that is installed and the ritual conducted on,the world wide magic is reduced by 1, and magicuser that are tuned to the change are not efected by teh reduction and gain 1 magic point)(efects main be limited to regins in the vacinity of the main frames 1/13 of the world)

Ritual OPPS because runners break it up at critical moment (ARMAGEDDON)
Time for a post apocalypse earth. (posably like RIFTS ™ )

I have never run a SR game before. My biggest problem is how to work out the interring and mystery. How to get them involved with out them knowing whats going until close to the end. Will they save the world? Mess it all up, or just slow down the success?

Idea is that the places that otaku go for there resonance is were the matrix and astral plane are close together. The strength of thought weakening and drawing them together. The matrix relay is another plane of existence. The scientists just can believe that as a possibility.

Locations for the main frames woudl be in magicaly active areas with hi backgroud count.
Lay Line nexuses posably.

Run ideas

Steal this artifact
Find this artifact
Extract this person
Kill this person
Investigate this phenomenon

plus the unrelated runs

Plz help me work this out. I think i could be realy fun to run and play if i can get it all worked out.
OK so does any one have any coments on this or not. At least tell me this is sa stupid idea.
If you've never run SR before I'd strongly recommend playing a straightforward game before you go mucking with core game and world mechanics that may have far reaching concequences. Keep it simple. Get some time making sure everyone's on the same page about all the basics and the way the world works before you start deconstructing it.

just my advice.
thats what i have planed but wanted to get a head start on this idea. I am vearry familure with the mechanics butr not the story telling.
There is a spell checker tool available to you under the text area where you enter your post. Use it. Seriously.

I also think this is too ambitious a plot if you have no story telling experience.

Anyway, Magically active computers are ok by me, since it's very reasonnable to assume SR computers may have protein based or otherwise organic components. After that, mixing in a little ancient artifacts to make magical computers can also work.

Where it falls apart is everything after "(BIG FUBAR)". Reason collapses. It's 100% pure artistic license (i.e. bullshit). As a player, I wouldn't like it.

That's my .2 nuyen.gif
one way to make this work: spellcheck and biochips.
introduce biochip technology in decks and servers, giving them major response increase (for decks) and and server power for a lower price, such as an orange-level system for a green or blue price. (But not initially. Hot tech is expensive)
Creating an indigo rating of servers might work.

then start fragging with things. give the servers an aura. Give biodecks an aura. Start giving them spirits. now you're cooking.
Crimson Jack
One piece of advice on what you're planning on doing: Establish how both of these elements (astral and matrix) exist prior to your GM/god meddling with them. Without a base (read: standard), your players wont know how messed up, or alternatively cool, this idea is.
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