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Full Version: hardpoints, etc.
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what's the limit on weapons that can be mounted on a fixed hardpoint? once you put a turret on your hardpoint(s), it's clear--you have pre-defined values for what will and will not fit. there aren't, as far as i can tell, any such values for hardpoints.
one weapon pr hardpoint, that is heavy weapons and vehicle only weapons. not sure if this is coverd in sr3 or rigger3. a firmpoint will take any weapon from a lmg and down (why anyone would want to mount a holdout tho is beyond me) and i belive that there is a weapon mounting kit sold in sr3 or rigger3 for mounting normal weapon on these mounts...
so... i mean, i can mount anything on a hardpoint? i mean, there's nothing to stop me from mounting a heavy railgun on my jackrabbit, besides my continued sanity and sense of self-worth?
The White Dwarf
Iirc most weapons list what exactly they count as. A hardpoint is good for any Heavy Weapon. What a Railgun takes to mount should be cited under its listing in R3. If its not specified, and appears under the Heavy Weapons heading in the gear list, then yea you can mount a Railgun, though Im pretty sure its a bit bigger than that. Dont forget, the vehicle must also be able to take the Load/Wt of the gun, as well as the CF for ammo etc.
indeed. i think i've got it, thanks.
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