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Full Version: Favorite SR personality
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Got any favorites? I also wanted to include Prime Runner, but I didn'y think he was quite mouthy enough for anyone to vote for hi. am I wrong? Anyone else you'd vote for?
Cynic project
Errant Knight ,Fast Jack or Ranger Rick
I gotta say lone gunman out of the list. That guy is a freak. The scary thing is, sometimes he's right.

Other notable Shadowtalk I remember... was the talk about the internal air tank in Cybertechnology... something like:

"I fill my internal air tank I fill with propane and carry a lighter"

Followed by-

(dont remember who)
Shut up Worm.
I think its funny that in the first 7 votes, no one was voted for twice.

I went with the Smiling Bandit. He actually posts useful things more often than not. Although Harley is usually more entertaining, esp. if you're familiar with ED.

Also, I have no idea who Argent is or what his comments are like.
He's a character that I think only showed up in books written by Nigel Findley, which means Aztlan sourcebook and before. He posted some shadowtalk and was a shadowrunner/fixer (kind of) in Lone Wolf. I don't know if he was in other novels, but as I remember he wasn't in 2XS or House of the Sun. Every now and then some of the 2nd edition sourcebooks will mention either the Wrecking Crew, or the "rebuilt" Wrecking Crew, which I know were his running group. I have no idea what novels they're mentioned in, though, if they were mentioned in novels at all.
Kanada Ten
Laughing Man rocks.
I like Hest... er... Orange Queen. Her posts display a healthy sense of humor. I don't consider the Laughing Man's humor quite so healthy.
Voted for Harlequin but hey I like da elf what can I say. Also was entertained by the what 4 page running commentary between alpha and omega.
Argent. He's always such a professional. He seems to always keep his cool, and have some kind of insight to whatever is going down.

I also liked Matador, and was saddened to see him go.
Crimson Jack
Harley gets my vote. He's a smartass through and through.
Argent also is the primary character in Run Hard, Die Fast (my favorite SR novel so far)
Not exactly a poster, but that guy from Corporate Download who could never break 90% runner deaths.

Hachetman from Cybertechnology. It was the first time I really cared about a character that wasn't one of my players.
I always like The Neon Samurai
I've always been a big fan of the decker Bloody guts, just 'cause he's hilarious. But I figured most folks wouldn't know him. Probably should have had Fast Jack or Red Wraith on there, but...well ... who cares. Jack gets enough attention anyways.
Still, suprised almost no one likes SlammO!
Bloodyguts is one of the main characters in Psychotrope. That guy IS cool; he's got a great backstory.
Kind of a tangent, but isn't the young japenese/vampire style girl the daughter of one of Shiawashe's heads (one of the half dozen people 'in charge' of the corp).
I think I remember reading in tone of the "State of the Art' books that she's recently moved up in the world. Put in charge of some large project, or married up. Something like that. Should be intersting to see how that plays out. A major corporate player that's also an otaku that knows an AI.
Yeah, I recall seeing that, too. It wasn't ever cleared up just what had really happened to her... was it an honest-to-Ghost HMHVV vaccine or was she immune but a carrier? Strikes me a pretty messed-up young lady.
Well the vampire bite is extremely addictive (checkout Critters book). Each of the infected drains essence in a different way. Banshees for example drain it from fear from running their victims to death (using the fear power). If I remember righ, Wendigo's inspire others to Cannibalism (probably compulsion or some such). There was an actual mini-adventure for that in the old sprawl sites book (that was a great book).
With vamps, their bite is like a drug that puts the 'victim' (donor?) in a state of ecstasy. The blood os just the vehicle or medium for transferring it (kinda like french fries for ketchup).
So with vampires, their victims get very addicted to the essence drain. But they only actually become vampires them selves if they're drained to 0 essence. A vamp only needs one point of essence per month, so they can really draw it out. I had to research all of this because I had a player get infected as a vampire.
So with her, I don't think she was ever infected, just addicted. She was basically going through vampire bite rehab.
I just wish I could track down her name again and find out what happened to her. Gotta find my Corporate download book again.
See, those that forget history. have to go read the source books again
The fact that she even comes up again makes me think we'll see more of her in the future. Maybe Shadows of Asia?
QUOTE (Garland)
I don't consider the Laughing Man's humor quite so healthy.

That's the fun part of it wink.gif .
But if it really was a vaccine (keeping her from infection) then why isn't Shiawase cornering the market on it as we speak? Says to me there must've been something wrong with it.
I don't think she was ever really infected, just addicted to the essence drain.Like a chemical dependancy deal. It's been a while sine I read Psychotrope, but my understanding of vampirism in SR is that you are or you aren't. But you can be addicted to the bite. There was a 2nd ed adventure that involved Jet Black, and his addicted 'groupies'.
They were probably giving her downers or something (2050's prozac?_ to help with the withdrawl symptoms. She was suicidal after all.
'Course I cold be wrong. But like you said, if they had a cure for it, it would be packaged, labeled, and marketed by now.
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