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Ancient History
AS ye may have noticed, I'm back from vacation. Got in last night.

So, a few thanks:

Thanks to everyone who noted my screw-ups in Dunkelzahn's Will, especially Crimsondude 2.0, and thanks to everyone who added new material, especially Lou Prosperi.

THanks to Fortune for pointing out those annoying bloody pop-ups; they are now safely disposed of. My apologies to anyone else they occured to.

Thanks to Connor for that bad link, it's now fixed.

Thanks to Adam for general suggestions and help.

Looking through the files, I apologise to everyone...most of 'em are outdated and in poor format. But, it's a new year, and I hope to get all the old pages revised and standardized ASAP. In particular, I'm right now working on the Sperethiel Dictionary, with secondary pages for both Theran and Orkish. Hopefully will be up by Saturday or Sunday.
as always we apreciate the work you put into the site, thanks man.
Typo: Under Artifacts: Al Azif: The signs and portents are in place. It's written in the scars, heralded by the night sky.
-Dr. Alan Gordon, Crossroads, p.173

Shouldn't it be stars and not scars?

Also a reference addition: Arcana(Tir artifacts): Add SOE.

Typo: Annotated Will: Myer's Flat is a semipoular small town in California Free State - popular

Great read. Good job.

Ancient History
<waves a hand Jedi-style>
These are not the droids you are looking for.

Good stuff, as always.
Crimsondude 2.0

Aside from my previous comments about Jiffy Pop, it is my experience that it is was less likely to burn than microwave popcorn back when microwaves were large, mysterious boxes--you know, the '80s. But it's less of a problem now since the Popcorn settings on most microwaves produces pretty solid bag, whereas before it used to be hit or miss.


Your description is just a little unclear, or awkward. (Yes, I do seem to be rather obsessed with the Jiffy Pop entry and you all are not hallucinating.)

Dunk likes popcorn. Roasting a microwave bag leads to... unfortunate results. Roasting a pan of Jiffy Pop at least produces some edible popcorn. Why he'd care if he was dead is beyond me, unless he was feeling rather magnanimous towards his fellow dragons who also might like some hot, buttered popcorn but who can't wait for an assistant to make it for them.


In other news:

"Lorelai Angel is a Phoinex shaman and a rocker"--> Lorelai Angel is a Phoenix shaman and a rocker ...

"C'est la vit" --> C'est la vie

My own plotting. May or may not be completely off. Boldface are mine.
Latitude 41, Longitude 121 --> East of Mt. Shasta. OTOH, Longitude 121e is in China. It doesn't specify
Latitude 41 50n, Longitude 8745w-->North America, near Chicago
Latitude 47 21n, Longitude 122 12w--> Near Seattle; maybe in the Salish Shide or Tir Tairngire (Near Puyallup, east of Lake Tapps.)
Latitude 19 24n, Longitude 99 9w--> The Western Mountains of the Mexican Plateau (Parque nacional Nevado de Toluca, west of Tenochtitlan)
Latitude 65, Longitude 130--> Somewhere in the Algonkian-Manitou Council.
Latitude 39 44n, Longitude 104 59--> Colorado, SE of Denver.

"Laniar's considerable insider knwoeldge was brought to bear against his former corporation"--> Lanier's considerable insider knoweldge was brought to bear against his former corporation ... Also, there are references to the events in Technobabel.

Reference to the Jewel of Memory in Ragnarock, too.

AFAIK, there is no "1428 Elm Street" in Phoenix. The closest current neighborhood is in the middle of the metroplex, north of downtown and west of Scottsdale. Phoenix, btw, sucks. The water tastes like dirt.

James Meiers' username on DS was Infict (no 'L', which was constantly assumed). He was also on ShadowRN in the mid-'90s.

"signifigance"--> significance. Also, by the time he turns 21 it may be assumed that he wouldn't be as willing to piss away his newly-opened trust account like he would when he was 18.

"terrarhodopsin"--> terrhodopsin. And Zai did it, "in the mid-20s." The benefits of combining Meynt-Zai and Proteus rests on MZI developing protein-based memory and microtronics being, in The Smiling Bandit's words, "Manipulation of particles at atomic and sub-atomic scales."' May also want to consider that Goines, "[puts] immense emphasis upon names," even renaming his company slightly.

There's also information on Phoenix Biotechnologies in Cyberpirates!

"owenr"--> owner

This line: "Ariadne was, in Greek myth, the daughter of Minos and Persiphae of Crete, who guided the hero Theseus out of the Minotaur's labyrinth." is outside of the cell of the table I presume it belongs in.

"A representative from the People's University is also on the management board of the DIMR." fell out of the table for the People's University. Also, misspelled "provided."
"Lorelai Angel is a Phoinex shaman and a rocker"--> Lorelai Angel is a Phoenix shaman and a rocker ...

Lorelei Angel is a Phoenix shaman and a rocker...

Ancient History
I suppose that this is an appropiate place as any to mention it, but I believe that I have found a small discrepency in your IE section. I believe that Erhan (under his Atzlan posting name of Wordsmyth) posted in SOTA2063. The post in question is in the section detailing Geomancy, on p. 47 (the very last post of the section, just before Game Information). The post is just a few sentences on the subject of geomancy, and how certain people are using it.

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