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Full Version: Interesting "Shadowrun" Movies
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I just got finished watching 'A Fist Full of Dollars' and 'The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly', and was thinking about what great shadowruns these would make with a little tweak here and there.

I'm gonna try and run 'A Fist Full of Nuyen' for our group's next session. If you haven't seen either of these, or haven't seen them since you started playing SR, I'd recommend them smile.gif

edit: Oh, but don't rip off the movies. They're too great to taint in that way. Besides, a lot of people are liable to have seen them before and you'd wanna keep it fresh or else they'll figure it all out too easily.
You of course do know that one (can't remember which) was damn near a shot for shot remake of Yojimbo, right?

It's not that hard to put the group at the center of a conflict with 2 other groups, each wanting the characters' abilities for their own intrest.

The hardest part would be deciding what two groups. I guess that depends on the characters power levels. Just starting out, it would be a couple of gangs. After a while it could be a couple of crime families or even 2 megas.
Fistful of Dollars was a remake of Yojimbo. For a Few Dollars more, I'm not sure about being a remake of Sanjuro. To my knowledge, Good, the Bad, and the Ugly was relatively original. All worth seeing, regardless, as are the Kurosawa films (if you can, see those first.
Crimson Jack
Heh, that's funny. I did a "Fistful of Nuyen" titled run once too... based on the movie. You're right, its a good setup for a run. I ran the "For a Few Nuyen More" run a few sessions after it.
Dude, look at my sig. Of course I know it's a Yojimbo remake.

For a Few Dollars More is not a remake of Sanjuro. But seems as if it was inspired by it, in the least.
A Fistful of Karma was an adventure in Harlequin's Back.

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