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Full Version: [ShadowsOfEurope] Material that was cut because of page limit.
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Blue eyes
Having heard different people, like Synner mention that quite a few pages were cut from the book. Could these not be put in a joint document and put up on the official site, what say you ? Synner ? Adam ?

What kind of things are we talking about ? What countries etc. ??

It would be wonderful if us gms and players could get out hungry little hands on these pages... yum yum.... eek.gif
Kanada Ten
As I understand it, a website for this very thing is under development using the name "The Helix" and should, at some Future-Date™, appear for all. Synner might have an expected release point now, but not when I last spoke to him.
Indeed, the Helix should be up some day (though I ignore when exactly) and feature at least a big part of this material. Still, it doesn't have exactly a net-book approach, so you might find a couple surprises in its format.
As soon as I surface for a breather I'll be getting to the Helix (geesh, how many times have I said that in the past 3 months?).

It is planned to include a lot of material that was cut, plus a lot of original content ranging from city and specific location descriptions to writeups of major and minor Euro NPCS to small corporate profiles. Note- None of this will be strictly canon nor will any of the material posted to the Helix see print officially. One of the reasons for this is that we're planning on making the content open-ended; meaning anyone would be able to submit (SoE-compatible) material and add further depth to what was left over from SoE.
otaku mike
I'm the one you have to complain to for the lack of progress on the Helix project. I'm in charge of the graphic design, but writing for LA, SoA, and doing maps for both SoA and SoLA took all my time.
Actually, Synner, you should consider asking someone else to take that job if you want it to go somewhere at this point.
has webspace been secured?
Unless I'm mistaken, the plan was to host it on Dumpshock.

Of course, that was ages ago, so plans may have changed .... smile.gif
Actually I've been waiting for a reply from the powers that be on that... wink.gif Truth to tell I haven't pushed because I've been waaay to busy the past couple of months to give it any reasonable attention. And now it seems Mike's going to remain tied up a while longer which means I still have to find someone for the frontend and graphics of the site.
The Powers That Be just said that you get space whenever you're ready to make use of it. smile.gif
hm. i might be able to work something up. i've had a little bit of practice making GUI-style front end images. or, rather, a GUI-style front end image, in two flavors.
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