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Full Version: LTG Codes
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I'm hoping someone can point me to a text or sourcebook that explains LTG Codes. I'm basically trying to figure out what all the numbers refer to so I can make up my own.

For instance, the district code for Seattle is 206/2206. What do those numbers refer to? Why does Seattle have two sets of numbers while, say, Auburn lists only 1206 as the code?

Dante's Inferno has the following LTG Code attached to it: 52-8016. What do the numbers refer to?

Also, one of the TSS files lists the following LTG: NA/UCAS-SEA-206-776-6554.

I can figure out that NA="North America" and UCAS-SEA="UCAS Seattle". 206 would be the district code, so it's in Seattle. What are the other 7 numbers? How are they generated?

I have an earlier edition of the Matrix book but didn't see any references to these codes in there.

Hope that's not too much.
the numbers are made up. they don't always follow the same format; the one i remember seeing most often is ####-###-####.
cross referencing the Target:Matrix and Matrix Sourcebooks for third edition; you get the following;


where district is always at least a three digit number in this way for seattle area we get:

(0)206 - Seattle proper (downtown)
9206 is bellevue
and etc. (target matrix lays out a few more if you look closely, I highly recommend picking it up if you can)

then the LTG is a six number done as a ##-#### in T:M. although these are usually numbers, they can in fact be alphanumeric (ex: Aztech Pyramid in Seattle is NA/UCAS-SEA-206-Aztech

a little more on the NA/UCAS-SEA RTG. the RTG's are referenced via continent/nation-metropolis

so say, moscow would be: AS/RUS-MOS
and Tokyo would be AS/IJ-TOK

London: EU/UK
some smaller(matrix) nations do not have seperate RTG's for each major city so the RTG is simply Continent/Nation-district-ltg

references: pgs160-161 matrix, FASA printing; pgs54-65 Target:Matrix, FASA printing
I typically generate the numbers by randomly mashing on my keypad. They're like a phone number - I'm sure the phone company has some way of assigning the numbesrs in a manner that benefits them, but the average person is just told that their new phone number is 631-2322 and that's that.

The Matrix sourcebooks lists prefixes for many countries around the world.
Thanks for the info, guys.

I'll have to pick up the Matrix books when I get the chance.
Kanada Ten
The original Seattle Sourcebook also had LTG prefixes for each district. And, IIRC, SR1 had the RTGs of many nations on a map (including the Damascus League).

3206 is Everett
5206 is Tacoma
2206 is Council Island
11206 is Redmond
1206 is Auburn
17206 is Snohomish
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