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Full Version: E.R question: stabilization units
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I maybe dumb (please don't tell me, it's just a rhethorical introduction biggrin.gif ) but what is the difference between the regular Stabilization Unit and the Deluxe model ?
In other words, what is the rating (2 and 6 respectively) used for?
I think Stab Units didn't use to "automatically stabilize any person placed inside" (SR3, p.305) but instead had a time factor, reducing metabolic functions for a given duration , a bit like a Hibernate spell though on a larger scale...

So why should should I pay 60,000 instead of 30,000 (price with street index) for a Deluxe (apart from the nice cushioning inside and the TriD hookup biggrin.gif ) ?
hmm, i think its the facor they extend the time it takes for overflow damage to build up. basicly rating 2 doubles the time and rating 6 extends it to 6 times normal.

mostly its a leftover from sr2, and from what i recall even there they are badly documented...
that's the way it used to be but it seems to contradict the "automatic stabilization" mentioned in the rulebook : it doesn't say it slows down overflow but that it stops it...
Yeah, as far as I can tell the deluxe unit is just cushier with gold plating. Maybe they also perform a damage reduction test using their rating?
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