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Full Version: Long running campaign?
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Old Srun GM, come back to the game after a long hiatus.

One of my gaming groups has requested a long, involved campaign aiming to happen over a couple of years. As I also have an Exalted campaign and a gritty Game of Thrones style Riddle of Steel game Id rather run something with a well mapped out setting and a lot of published support so I dug out my Shadowrun books and began to refresh my memories.

I currently have in mind starting prior to the Universal Brotherhood (which I have have nearly everything prior to 3rd edition and after a recent splurge of spending most things post it), take in Bug City, the elections, Aztlan, some European travel, the Election campaign and up to the Arcology etc.

My query is, can anyone suggest a good Adventure route to go through as an aid for me in not being overloaded with doing ti all myself. I have classics such as mercurial, dreamchipper, UB as said, Bug City and a lot of others from 1st edition through to Renraku.

Suggestions eagerly taken for campaign ideas to drive the above and/or published adventure path for the same.
I just run them in numeric order, by product ID number on the spine. That's worked well for two long-running campaigns I've been in. Generally put one home-made adventure between each book adventure. Generally leave out Imago. Twice we've retired surviving characters after Harlequin's Back.

Note that Queen Euphoria is #7304, not 7205 as listed on the spine. Many have a sticker on the front cover with the correct product code.
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