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Blue eyes
The Olympics the lobbying and competition and the games themselves should be filled with opportunities for shadowrunner so........................

If you look at Shadowbeat and Sota 63 & 64 a few quistions about the olympics need to be answered:

Summer Olympics in 2056 was held in Tokyo. (Shadowbeat p. 63)

Which city hosted the Summer Olympics in 2060 & where is 2064 going to be held.

Winter Olympics in 2074 is up for grabs at the moment see Sota63 & 64. Sota64 mentioned both 2072 and 2074 on page 164 , but it must be 74 if it's going to fit with Shadowbeats Summer Olympics in 2056, 2060, 2064, 2068, 2072 etc.

So which citites are hosting Winter Olympics in 2062, 2066 & 2070?

I know it been talked about before but no official word was given...............

Summer Olympics in 2056 was held in Tokyo. (Shadowbeat p. 63)

I had a player ask about this, and I wasnt really sure about the answer. Is there a cannon answer to what happened with the 2056 olympics? If there is, where do I find it?

what do you mean by "what happened"?? you want results of who won what events??? then probably not...posting the olympics is just not "exciting" or "important" from the main storylines of Shadowrun. Now, if the corps were involved, then it would be something, as you could have shadowruns against their training teams, etc.

otherwise, for now you're pretty much limited to whatever appears in a SOTA book, which doesn't cover your time frame...

if you're asking about metas participating, i'd say Japan got their way. this is because of two primary factors:
1) Money talks - in Shadowbeat it talks about the megas funneling gobs of money into the IOC, and how they are worried about cash flow. Therefore, from an economic standpoint, the IOC would side reluctanly with Japan.
2) in SOTA64, pg 165: "This year's biggest loser is Quebec...declarations by Antoine Somma, head of the local Olympic Committee, opposing the inclusion of changeling athletes."
Based primarily on the second quote, it would appear that metas were NOT allowed to play in the 2056 OR 2060 games, otherwise why would you oppose the inclusion of these athletes - they would have already been included. Now, it would have been possible for them to compete in the 2064 games, yet no mention was made in the passage that metas were now competing. Since I agree that this would be a big deal and newsworthy (unless it happened to be dropped along the wayside) and it did NOT get mentioned, I would assume that they still could not compete in 2064. Also, SOTA64 talks about the decision being made for 2074, 10 years from now. So my other guess would be that wherever the games were held in 2064 had already been decided, along with any rules changes or the adding of games, etc. I would also figure in some other aspects of the game world. Metas, while popular with players as characters, are relatively a small part of the population. as shown in SoE and SoNA, prejudice still runs rampant when dealing with metas, and we all know the Japanese (and probably similar in other parts of SE Asia) viewpoint on metas. With policlubs like Humanis that control large sections of the government of both the UCAS and CAS, which still have a great deal of influence as governments of the world, and some of the euro nations, the middle east, and japan (money), I would suspect that the IOC has been pressured enough to keep the games meta free up to this point. Then, figure in the events of the comet. With more "changelings" beginning to appear, and the population of metas has slowly begun to increase as we have not just those that "changed" after the Awakening, but their children and grandchildren, etc so that multiple generations now exist, raising their numbers, and therefore influence, and with the UCAS electing Dunkelzhan as president, changing the views of many people concerning metas, that pressure against metas in the IOC may be wavering, or wavered enough such that by 2064, the IOC has decided to finally vote to accept metas into the games - this would have been decided either in 2060, or in 2064, depending on how you interpret the comment/point #2 above. It seems to imply that a decision has been made to let metas compete - this is also backed by the fact that the Tir and Denver (led by a dragon) have opened their doors to the games - i don't believe either nation would have done so unless the ruling on metas had been lifted (not much point in having games in Portland if elves can't compete). Also noted in SOTA64 is that women will be allowed to compete in the World Cup, but not metas - this would seem to indicate to me that the world of sports as a whole (not including the UCAS, which is more "progressive" towards metas) is not ready for metas in their top sports.

so, to sum up:
2056, 60, 64 No metas
2068 - possible
2074 - definitely

also, one thing is for sure - prejudice will not be gone by 68 or 74, and if you're playing Shadowrun when these years come around, i wouldn't be surprised to see some events like those that took place during the 1936 olympics...
Thanks for the info smile.gif

Shadowbeat kinda left me hanging there nyahnyah.gif
Blue eyes
Bitrunner, I agree with you about the exclusion of metas in 56 Tokyo. But I'm sure the games fell short with the boycott of the games by the different awakened nations of the world, and I'm pretty sure quite a few others joined in, just see how it went in Moscow in 1980.

But I see absolutely no reason why they wouldn't be participating from 2060 and on ward.... Just look on how all other major professional sports out there have included them, alot before 2056. As well as a much bigger outcry worldwide it the humanis biggots of the world tried to get their way again like in 56.

Sandoval Smith
If they specifically said 'changelings' then I'd say they're excluding SURGEd metas. After all, by that time they might've finally worked out the rules for allowing metahumans to compete, and then suddenly the UCAS swim team is trying to field some guy with gills and fins.
there are plenty of canon references (including the novel Changeling) where the term is used to reference metas...

as for major sports - i mentioned that most of them are in the UCAS/CAS - they aren't allowing metas into soccer yet, and that is pretty much "the sport" for the rest of the world outside the UCAS/CAS. if they aren't allowed in soccer, i'm sure that would extend to the games.

also, Humanis is not just a policlub in the UCAS/CAS - they are worldwide, and as i mentioned, there is a high level of prejudice in Europe still - they cordon off their metas into small areas of the country. just take a look at SoE....and we know how japan feels...there are just too few awakened nations to sway the vote compared to the rest of the world...

once again, it is a question of numbers and you have to factor the bureaucracy inherent in the system - change does not happen overnight - you have to get the IOC to pass the motion to allow metas, and that would be the 68 games (or possibly the 66 winter games) at the earliest...
In my opinion, you might see a few metas in the Olympics -- just not a lot, and even then it would elves or orks, mostly.
There's no reason now to allow metas, but they'd need separate events. If it's not fair to let men and women compete, it's certainly not fair to let different metatypes compete. So we're talking about 5 times as many events.
That also means there will be events such as troll figure skating and the dwarf 50m dash.
hehe...troll figure skating...dwarf dash...i guess dwarf-put is out??

btw, if you aren't aware of it, there is still racism in the olympics...try some google-fu on the Sydney games and allowing aboriginies to them...and right now there is a controversy about the 2012 games because evidently some Spaniards are very racist...
I was not aware of it. Thanks.
also, i just happen to be rereading the Sprawl Survival Guide, which has a small section on sports...

once again, under soccer, pg 36:

"The major issue affecting soccer today is whether to include
adepts and metahumans. Most leagues are allowing metahumans
to play, however there is strong resistance to this in more
conservative regions of the world, such as the Middle East and
Southeast Asia. These arguments threaten to tear FIFA apart."

there's nothing about the Olympics, but this sports section was written in 2063. Also, most of the sports that DO allow metahumans are the professional sports, not amateur...something worth noting, from the opening section on sports, pg33 (emphasis mine):

"Metahumans continue to make inroads into sports. The
CAS Supreme Court ruled in 2056 ( Baker vs. MLS) that professional
sports leagues could not deny playing time to participants
based on metatype. This judgment was quickly accepted
as legal precedent by other leagues.

> Thereís a classic example of mainstream media dealing with
a politically correct issue. What they donít say is that thanks to
this asinine ruling, Grunts and Trogs will eventually completely
take over professional sports. Itís already happening. Thereís
hardly any human linebackers in the NFL anymore, and donít
even get me started on urban brawl.
> Fb-

> Maybe orks and trolls on the whole are stronger than humans,
but you canít block people from participating just because of
their race.
> Socio Pat

> It used to be rumored that there was a gentlemanís agreement
among pro teams to keep meta-recruitment low. Without
commenting on the veracity of that statement, I can definitely
say that if there ever was such an agreement, it is rapidly falling
by the wayside.
> Inside Penetration"

So in 2063, the amount of metas in professional sports is increasing, and most of these are UCAS/CAS based sports...AND it took a court consider the legal systems of other countries, tied with their attitudes towards long will it take?? even if they're 10 years behind the CAS, that would be this year or next (game year that is) before some of the more "less progressive" countries started to enforce such laws...
you know, strangely enough, i could care a rat's fig about sports and/or the olympics as a whole, but this whole topic interests me from the cultural standpoint... smile.gif
There's a big difference between sports and the olympics. You can't just say, "Oh, we'll have a human soccer league and a human adept soccer league and an elf soccer league and an elf adept soccer league ..." (not to mention the women's leagues) because you can't have 10 times the number of soccer leagues. You'd be splitting your audience 10 ways, and it would devestate the industry. There is only a certain number of hours per day that people are willing to devote to watching sports. If you add more sports you're not increasing the industry, you're diluting it.
The olympics, on the other hand, is not a paid industry like pro sports. Sure, there's money there, mostly in the form of advertising, but it's not the same.
Yes, you're still talking about several times more events, but it's all part of a big event that only happens occasionally. Sprinting fanatics don't get thier fill from watching a few events. They could happily five or ten times as many sprinting competitions. The casual, channel-flipper won't be watching more, but anyone who cares about any event will definitely be watching all metatypes compete in that event. Also, people with a lot of racial pride would be watching all events of their own metatype.
With the olympics, you wouldn't be getting several times the audience for having several times the number of events, but you would get an increase in audience (I think), and so it still makes sense. In pro-sports, you can add as many teams and games as you want and people are still only going to watch the same amount because people who like to watch sports already watch as much sports as their life allows.
Now before I get incinerated by flaming retorts, I know I'm oversimplifying a bit, but hopefully I've gotten my point across that pro sports are not an ideal comparison for the olympics.
Then again, I'm a moderate sports fan, at best, and I only surf through the olympics when they're on, so take it with a grain of salt. a.k.a. YMMV
i see your point point was that they are going to be more apt to let metas into pro sports before the olympics, and for many of the reasons you is harder to fit into the schedule for the olympics all the extra events, and as far as pro sports goes, it is played more often and has more money running through it. since the olympics depend more on ad money for survival, they have to bow more to those with the money, and hence groups like the japanacorps (no metas) and others.

basically, this whole discussion is about racism, and the pattern with the metas is going to closely follow that of racism in our own era and years past. The Berlin Games were held in the late 30's, and yet we still have controversy over the 2012 games and whether they should be in Madrid because of how racist they are. That's 80 years! by the same parallel, the awakening was in the early 20-teens, and so by 2074, that's only 60 some years...about the same...not unreasonable considering the progress of mankind...

the racism card isn't played much in the game, and it is a delicate subject, but it DOES add to the dystopian view of the world and the injustices that can be caused by racism. that's what we're really talking about here...
Not to mention the discussions and 'advances' made in recent years to allow pros into the Olympics. There are probably safeguards in place regarding that, however, and there's not as much money in playing in the Olympics (one would think) as there is in simply staying pro. That in itself puts up an effective filter. If that were to change, however, then the line between a pro athlete and Olympian will blur. That lets in the possibilities for cyber- or magic-enhanced (within strict guidelines, I'm sure), as well as different metatypes.

I agree about the possibility of further splintering in category events, although I wouldn't see the need for much beyond Men's & Women's, Unenhanced (or "Natural") & Enhanced. And with the latter, especially if cyber is allowed, corp sponsorship would go through the roof; everyone wants their athlete to field their newest, best cyber and get good PR and advertising thereby.
QUOTE (bitrunner @ Jan 26 2005, 03:07 AM)
btw, if you aren't aware of it, there is still racism in the olympics...try some google-fu on the Sydney games and allowing aboriginies to them...

Funny, seeing as Cathy Freeman, Oz's biggest sporting hero(ine) at the time is an Aborigine. The final race that she ran in the 2000 Olympics was (and still is) nicknamed 'the race that stopped a nation', and broke all kinds of viewing records for the broadcasters. She even lit the Olympic torch at the Opening Ceremonies.

Oz bent over backwards to include the Aboriginals that were qualified to participate. They included all kinds of native cultural exhibitions, not only limited to the huge Opening Ceremonies display, and many Aboriginal leaders praised the efforts made towards reconciliation. Even the Closing Ceremonies included performances by Midnight Oil (extremely vocal supporters of native rights) and the Aboriginal band Yothu Yindi.
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