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Full Version: casting spells through foci?
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hey gamers quick question for ya 3rd edition shadowrun ,can you still cast spells through focis and elementals and ground them out in the physical planes?ie a magician in astral sees a magician in the physical and breaks his masking then wishes to cast a manaball at the foci destroying it does it carry into the physical?

also how about a magician in astral that drains his fire elemental thats dual natured to force one and then channels a combat spell through him using his force as the target # to get through from astral to physical and also using the extra dice to help with the spell?
Kanada Ten
No, Grounding has been removed from SR3. Additionally one cannot cast Physical Spells from the Astral Plane.

And this is the wrong subforum for these questions. smile.gif
(It's now been moved to the right forum.)

As Kanada says -- no grounding through foci. No grounding through spirits. No blasting a magician in Astral space so that the spell comes out where his body is.
Try the search funtion, there has been an in depth discussion of this recently.
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